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News -
UPravda reporting that Putin fired 3 times yesterday at the Ukrainian people.
Understand Poroshenko is in NY. Possibly will address the UN today and also tomorrow maybe.
Update - one soldier killed, one injured on a mine.

Weather -
Mega changes coming in the weather.
Overnight rain, followed now by much cooler temperatures. After 28 yesterday, only 18 maybe today.
A big drop in temperatures. And cooler weather to come.
Autumn has finally arrived - almost a month late. Probably the warmest September ever in Ukraine.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that "knows" that the US is involved in the overthrow of the fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych. He said this in an interview to CBS, and PBS, the press service of the Kremlin.

"Addressing the issues, including contentious issues, domestic issues in the former Soviet Union with the help of the so-called" color "revolutions, with the help of coups and unconstitutional ways to offset the current government - this is totally unacceptable. Our partners in the United States do not conceal that supported those who opposed President Yanukovych, "- said Putin.

When asked journalists whether he thinks that the United States associated with the overthrow of Yanukovych, when he was forced to flee to Russia, Putin replied: "I know that for sure."

He explained that he knew about this because Russia has a lot of contacts and relationships with the people who live in Ukraine.

"And we know who, where, when he met and worked with the people who overthrew Yanukovych, as they maintained, how much to pay, how to cook, on what areas in which countries and who were these instructors. We all know. In fact, our American partners that have and do not hide, "- said Putin. In Russian
Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Economy of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, was heavily criticized for his statements that in exchange for a partnership with Russia in Syria, Moscow's possible to lift the sanctions. German Zeit calls this position "a cynical and dangerous" and deeply misguided.

"Gabriel does more than just a logical error when starts a conversation that sanctions against Russia must end, because the government in Moscow is necessary as a partner in Syria. It is cynical and dangerous "- writes columnist Carsten Luther.

Author accuses politician that he is trying to say that the Ukraine - it is not so important.

But is the deputy head of government believes that Putin will start to behave differently if it receives such a gift, if he really so naive? He fears that the continuation of the conflict in Syria, the refugees will be more, but apparently did not understand that Russia is "a cynical sponsor" of the war. But the outbreak of war against Russia in Ukraine, which began with the annexation of the Crimea, it was such an aggressive approach is the reason why Russia can not be trusted, the author writes, recalling that this was the reason for the imposition of sanctions. Now Russian war continues in Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea is contrary to international law fact, the article says. In Russian
Russian propaganda takes the upcoming meeting of Russian and US presidents Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama in the way that the leader of the Russian Federation "put American counterpart on his knees," which is not true. This was reported in an article for "Apostrophes" Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin.

Explaining why the US president agreed to the meeting, he said: "Obama has thought long and finally decided to show rationality. Kohl Putin became the participant of the process (in Syria, - Ed.), It should be with the participants to exchange views and, accordingly, to establish some kind of interaction there. That is, in this calculation, Putin was right. He forced the United States to talk with him. "

However, the meeting with Obama, according to experts, is exceptionally successful Putin's propaganda.

"In the space of this propaganda served as if Putin put Obama on his knees, got to meet him. But, in general, this is quite a controversial achievement, because it is unknown what they will say. And we have here (in Russia - Ed.) Write that the meeting almost Obama himself requested. In public opinion applauded Putin's people, because in some sense it is a diplomatic success for him, "- said Oreshkin.

"If you go beyond the field of information, talking about the real problems of cooperation between Russia and the United States, there is an absolute zero. Because the coalition, coordinated actions of Russia and the US and NATO in Syria is technically impossible ", - he said at the same time.

According to the analyst, there is no cooperation in Syria Putin with the United States does not, moreover, the Russian president is unlikely to achieve such objectives, such as removal from the Russian sanctions. At the same time, says Oreshkin, his war in Syria, Putin covers failure of the campaign in the Donbas. In Russian
Russian delegation left the hall of the UN General Assembly during the speech of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the Summit on the Global Agenda in the field of development. It is reported by "TASS" citing a high-ranking Russian diplomat.

"We walked out to protest the openly politicized and aggressive speech that absolutely did not meet the stated theme of the summit," - said the source.

It is noted that in the room was a Russian diplomat.

Responding to a question about why this diplomat still left on the site of the delegation, the spokesman said that "the Russian side has the habit of listening to his opponents and not to leave their performances completely ignored." In Russian
Despite the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine and the Russian occupation of Crimea by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with CBS, and PBS said that Russia respects the sovereignty of Ukraine. Explanation of the interview published by the press service of the Kremlin.

"But we would like to see other countries to respect the sovereignty of other countries, including Ukraine," - said Putin.

According to him, respect for the sovereignty expressed in preventing coups, the unconstitutional actions and displacement of legitimate authorities.

The conflict in the east of Ukraine began in mid-April 2014, when the armed militant groups began to seize adminzdaniya and police stations in the towns of Donbass.

The Ukrainian authorities have stated in response to conduct anti-terrorist operations with the assistance of the Armed Forces. Gradually, the confrontation escalated into a large-scale military conflict.

A number of Ukrainian politicians called the events in the east of Ukraine "hybrid war" by Russia against Ukraine.

Earlier, on March 16, 2014 on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol held a so-called referendum on the status of the peninsula, which resulted in the Russian Crimea included in its membership. Neither Ukraine nor the EU nor the United States recognized the vote and believe that Russia annexed the Crimea. In Russian
on Mon Sep 28, 2015 12:05 amAdmin
The Russian authorities are not busy trying to confirm the status of "superpower", but are convinced that other states must consider the positions and the interests of Russia, President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Charlie Rose in the program "60 minutes" on the American television channel CBS.

"I am proud of Russia. We have something to be proud of. But we have some fetish about Russian superpower in the world arena - Putin replied to a question about the role the country should play in the world. - It is not an end in itself. "

Rose noted that Russia has to reckon because of the presence of nuclear weapons, to which Putin replied: "I hope, otherwise why do we have these weapons?"

Putin also commented on his statement about the collapse of the Soviet Union as the biggest tragedy of XX century. "We always suspected some ambitions and always try something distort" - shared Putin. In his opinion the tragedy of the collapse of the Soviet Union due to the fact that "overnight outside the borders of the Russian Federation proved to be 25 million Russian people. They lived in a unified country, and suddenly found themselves abroad. " "Turned out to be the greatest Russian divided nation in the world", - concluded Putin. In Russian
on Mon Sep 28, 2015 12:03 amAdmin
President Vladimir Putin, in his speech at the UN General Assembly call upon to join forces in the fight against terrorism. This he said in an interview with US journalist Charlie Rose for CBS television network and PBS. A fragment of the interview published on the website CBS's Sunday, September 27th.

Putin suggested that almost all participants of the General Assembly session will raise the issue of combating terrorism.

"And I also do not get away from this topic, - he added. - It is natural, because it is a serious common threat for all of us, it is a challenge for all of us. " According to the President, "in front of all our goal is to join efforts in the fight against this common evil."

In addition, the "need to take advantage of this international tribune to give the Russian vision of today's international relations and the future of the UN and the international community," said the Russian leader.

70 Session of the UN General Assembly began its work at the headquarters of the world body in New York on 15 September. The general debate, which is expected to involve more than 150 Heads of State and Government, will start on 28 September and will last until October 3.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier that Putin, in his speech, in particular, will speak on "the most burning problems of the contemporary world", including the situation in Ukraine and Syria. According to the presidential press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, preparation for the speech was about a month.

In addition, the New York Putin will hold several meetings with foreign leaders, particularly US President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He also will meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Earlier, a specialized British publication IHS Janes published satellite images, which allegedly shows that in the Syrian city of Latakia airport deployed Su-25, Su-24M bombers, Su-30cm and attack helicopters.

According Flightradar24, Tu-154 Russian Defense Ministry, which is used for the transport of commanders, from September 19, he traveled to Baghdad, Tehran and 23 September landed in Latakia.

Interlocutor portal, close to the Russian Defense Ministry, said that the Russian military delegation coordinated the important questions with representatives of the armies of Iraq and Iran, and then went to Syria. This speculate that the UN General Assembly, Putin may declare war on joint action Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia against the IG. In Russian
on Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:59 pmAdmin
According to operational information, the management of the so-called "Ministry of State Security" DNI / LC "issued an order to hold the filtration operation. As the headquarters of the military operation, the pseudo-law enforcement smooth out illegal armed formations from the Russians, who are not included in the regular units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, are fighting for money and are not directly subordinate to the Kremlin.

"For example, in the village of Dmitrovka Miners area soldiers of the Russian army during the night without any explanation arrested individual militants so-called" DNR "and taken to an unknown destination. After a few days of their relatives reported where the body, "- noted in the Staff.

Delayed, usually persons from the commanders and those who have information about the presence of regular troops of the Russian Federation in the Donbas. In Russian
The Russian President Vladimir Putin has no money for the project "New Russia", as well as to keep the militants occupied the Donbas. So says Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin.

"Putin does not have money to support this very micro" New Russia ". It does not even military resources, despite the fact that none of them speaks. If war breaks out there - that are the coffins. Dozens of graves can still hide hundreds - is more complicated. Putin is interested in is to get away from the Donbas and push him like a hot potato, the collar Poroshenko, "- he said in an article for" apostrophe ".

Oreshkin believes that now Russian President distract attention from their own problems in the east of Ukraine.

"In the domestic market propaganda in Russia, Syria, Putin needed to mask the failure of the Donbas. De facto, in the Donbas, he failed. All these pretentious arguments about sacred values ​​and "spiritual scrapie", the great and mighty Russian people thwarted by the reality ", - the analyst believes. In Russian

on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:03 pmAdmin
It's been a good week for President Vladimir Putin. Apparently all is quiet in eastern Ukraine, he opened a new Grand Mosque in Moscowthat will accommodate up to 10,000 people and he's had conversations with Israeli and Arab leaders about his peace plans for the Middle East and Russia's role in Syria. And right about now his aides will be polishing the speech he's set to deliver to the United Nations in New York next week.

From Europe’s least favorite leader to popular peace-maker: Can Vladimir Putin pull off a mega-PR victory at the UN next week and will all be forgiven? Fiona Clark finds out.

It's expected that the speech will present a plan similar to that he proposed in 2012 to ease Syria's President Bashar al-Assad out of power and may also outline his plan for a coalition of nationswho will band together and fight the "Islamic State" (IS) group.

Analysts have speculated that Putin is either attempting to strut large on a global stage and provide some kind of counterbalance to a US-centric world, or that he's protecting his military assets and naval access to the Mediterranean from Syria, or that he's trying to divert attention away from the annexation of Crimea and the war in eastern Ukraine. And there may be elements of those involved but there's also much more to it than that.

Russia has approximately 20 million Muslims as part of its indigenous population, most are in the Volga-Urals region or in the caucuses in republics like Dagestan and Chechnya where it's already fought two wars with separatists. Its close neighbors include a number of Muslim republics including Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran and Afghanistan.

Terrorist attacks in Russia........................

To read further go to this link:
on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:00 pmAdmin
On the same day on September 27, several dozen people also joined a similar march in Moscow to call for an end to Russia's intervention in Ukraine and stay out of the conflict in Syria.

Police detained 10 of the protesters in Moscow and two in St. Petersburg.

In St. Petersburg, some protesters sang the Ukrainian national anthem and others held blue and yellow balloons, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Those detained in St. Petersburg were a woman who tried to unfold an antiwar poster and a man draped in a Ukrainian flag.
The powerful explosion at the building of the SBU in Odesa was qualified as a terrorist act. Nobody suffered as a result of the incident.
This is stated by the press service of the Odesa office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Censor.NET reports.

"According to the preliminary information, the power of the bomb which exploded last night near the SBU office in Odesa was equal to 5 to 6 kg of TNT," the report reads.

Paragraph 2 of Article 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (terrorist act) imposes a penalty of seven to twelve years' imprisonment with confiscation of property or without it.

Explosive device in Odesa yielded 8 to 10kg in TNT equivalent

The police received the information about the explosion, which has rocked the center of Odesa city, today at 5 a.m. In Russian
Interception plan has been launched in Odesa after the night explosion near the SBU building.

Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the Internal Ministry in the Odesa region.

The law enforcers, including road police, guard all the exits from Odesa city and check the vehicles. First of all, they stop the drivers of light colored foreign cars - one of the saboteurs involved in the explosion supposedly fled the scene in such car.

Traffic has been blocked on Katerynivska street.

As it was reported, a powerful explosion near the SBU office in Odesa has rocked the center of the city today at 4:41 a.m. It was qualified as a terrorist act. The power of the bomb was equal to 5 to 6 kg of TNT. Nobody suffered as a result of the incident. In Russian
on Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:51 pmAdmin
American instructors will train Ukrainian special troops, Pres Poroshenko said in New York Sept. 27, Interfax-Ukrayina reports.

“We have reached an agreement with our American partners that the training will start in November,” the president said.

Currently, instructors from Canada, United States and Lithuania are involved in training programs for the National Guard, Poroshenko said.

“It is a two-way street, with Ukrainians learning the skills our partners have and with our partners learning how to bash the Russian army. Ukraine today is not scared of Russia, it is effectively hitting it back,” the president said.
on Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:36 pmAdmin
US president risks being pilloried at home for hobnobbing with Putin

It is hard to imagine two leaders less alike than Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. The first is an ambivalent commander-in-chief. The second is a brutal opportunist. On Monday they will sit down to their first one-to-one meeting in more than a year. Syria’s fate is at stake — as too is the stability of the Middle East and possibly of the European Union.

Having absorbed Crimea, and dis­abled Ukraine, Mr Putin is now shoring up Syria’s lethal Assad regime. Asking for Mr Putin’s help is the worst thing the US president could do — except for all the alternatives.

It would be better for Mr Putin to recognise at the start that any negotiations would probably fail unless Mr Assad, and his closest henchmen, were out of the picture. The last time talks were tried — in Geneva two years ago — they foundered on the rebels’ refusal to negotiate with Mr Assad. They can hardly be blamed. A ruler who drops chemical weapons and barrel bombs on his own — or any — people is beyond redemption..................

Recommend to read further go to this link:
Pres Petro Poroshenko believes the right of UN Security Council members to veto the resolutions related to mass murders is, in fact, the license to kill, Poroshenko said in his Sept. 26 interview with Ukraine TV channels.

The proposal to strip SC members of the right to veto on mass murder cases was initiated by France, Mexico and Ukraine.

Such veto seriously obstructs just and unbiased investigations or the use by the United Nations the tools and levers to stop the mass killings of civilians, Pres Poroshenko stressed.

Russia repeatedly used its veto to stall consideration of its aggression and mass killings in Ukraine.
In St. Petersburg at the "Peace March" in support of Ukraine illegally detained activist Oleg Ilyin.
This was announced by the Russian writer, publicist and creator of TV SOTNIK-TV Alexander Sotnik on his page on Facebook.
"He was wrapped in the flag of Ukraine, and a baseball cap with the colors of the flag of Ukraine. This symbolism is not prohibited in Russia. Oleg did not shout any slogans, just walked in silence," - he wrote.
The journalist called it "fascism" - when people on the street just grab the police.

[Brave journalist also. You wouldn't get Shaun Walker and his type writing the truth like this. ]


English version:

Joke of the day. Putin talking about terrorism. Putin is one of the worst terrorists in the world.
What next week at the UN?  Hitler talking about how to run concentration camps?
Also some drones sent by Putin.
[Guardian, but not by Kremlin scumball Walker, or fruitcake Milne]
“Putin and Kremlin had a clear goal to overcome international isolation because of Ukraine,” says Alexander Golts, military analyst and deputy editor of a news site that was censored hours after Crimea was annexed. “The idea of an anti-Isis coalition looked like some kind of excellent bridge to overcome isolation, and it appears to have worked.”
It has indeed worked. Interviewed on US TV, meeting with US president Obama.
The US is leading the way in the hehabilitation of madman Putin.
on Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:49 amNelson
According to available information, unknown explosive device planted near the emergency exit from the building of the Security Service.
Blast Wave knocked out glass in the windows in a radius of two blocks.

04.40 am. Quite a large explosion. Putin's terrorists at work. Photos at link.
This vid taken shortly after - still dark. But explosion was quite big, apparently.

Don't hold your breath. Greece - Cyprus are mega scumballs. Remember the Greek PM who caused all the chaos in Europe visited Putin.
The Greek people idiolize dictators like Putin. And Cyprus is the same. Greeks. (The Turks in the north are cut off, so the country is divided.)
50-50 if the Greeks ratify. A lot of Russian money in Cyprus. And Putin holds a lot of power in Greece.
Sunday, September 27, 2015, 7:39
For the past day three [times] militants used force against ATO small arms, heavy machine gun and grenade launchers.
The press center ATO.
Thus, about 20, 22 and 12 nights mercenaries with small arms and heavy machine guns fired on our strong points in the village Lozovoe. In the same area worked enemy sniper.
Also at 20.50 and 23.10 criminals in the temporarily occupied territory near the village of Troitska, was hit with an automatic grenade towards the boundary line, vainly trying to draw strength ATO burn confrontation.
After midnight, September 27, again forming pro gangs fired on Ukrainian strongholds in Lozova....
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