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2 girls busted my ribs and used my horse to do it

on Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:21 pm
Back in 1973 I had a horse named Roby (nickname for brownies Robe). He was green broke at the time these two young ladies, which means he hasn't learned for one thing, how to turn left or right by someone's command on top of him. Met these girls and invited them to the ranch to feed my horse.

I took out Roby out in the field to run around the barrels as I was training him for barrel racing. And he still didn't stop immediately upon my command yet.

I started heading back towards where the girls were near the stall area. A horse will normally run or trot a little quicker heading back in, thinking they're going to get fed. When I was nearing them, but still a distance away, they started saying out loud and clapping, like cheering at the Roby. Suddenly he starts booking quicker. When I got near them I tried to slow him down and he wouldln't. One BIG problem I had was, there were trees in between. I couldn't slow him down or turn him much. Here's a tree coming up in front of me. I quickly thought at the last minute he'd turn left as I was pulling the reins that way. The tree comes up and BAM!! The tree clipped me of the horse. I'm on the ground trying to catch my breath. The girls run up to me and ask me "are you alright?" Now I think that was quite a stupid question to ask. Went to the doctors and my chest was hurting. Got some x-rays and found two busted ribs. One for each girl.

Moral of the story is, NEVER take a woman to a ranch with you. Mad

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