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In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday the militants not only forces continued shelling ATO, but attempted breakout. It is reported by the press center of Staff ATO .

"After midnight assault group of about 30 militants unsuccessfully attacked our positions in the area of ​​Marinka.

Subsequently, under cover of 120mm mortars to attack our positions took another pro-Russian gang of no less than 150 criminals. The results of the collision and the loss of both sides to be confirmed, "- said in a statement.

Overall, last night were about 40 cases of attacks forces ATU and infrastructure of settlements.

"Marinka before attempting breakthrough fired from the 120mm mortars and arms tanks. Also with such weapons fired Starohnativku" - the press center.

In Luhansk with 122-mm howitzers occupants beaten on nuts and Novotoshkivtsi with 120 mm caliber mortars - in gold, grenade launchers - in Trohizbentsi.

Near Artemivska 120mm mines exploded in positions of power at the ATO Trinity. There hatyv enemy tank and firing was conducted with a portable version of the MLRS "Grad".

Overall, the militants of the Russian-day terrorist groups fired 58 times ATU position forces and peace settlements. It was beaten 16 times with mortars of various calibers, including Minsk prohibited agreements caliber 120 mm and three hatyly 122-mm howitzers. На Русском
President Vladimir Putin did not announce a large-scale economic reforms in his speech at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, limiting politically neutral calls for investment, according to Bloomberg.

According to sources, the publication, the Russian president would not talk about measures to bring the economy out of recession or reducing the level of corruption. Instead, the theme of his speech will supposedly foreign investment and the transfer of success in overcoming the effects of Western sanctions.

At the same time, Bloomberg writes that Putin probably will not strain relations with the United States and Europe. He can announce the co-financing projects with foreign companies, as well as to support the free trade zone with China and to call for investment in the Russian Far East.

Source publication believe that Putin will try to buy time in the hope of replenishing the international reserves of the Central Bank "for the realization of the growing geopolitical claims, including in Ukraine." Now the international reserves of about $ 363 billion, while the Crimea to their size reached $ 500 billion. На Русском
Sanctions against Russia not forced Russian President Vladimir Putin to change the political course, albeit influence on the Russian economy. This was stated by spokesman of the White House Josh Ernest.

"Sanctions have had an impact on the Russian economy, but the result was not strategic change that we hoped would make Vladimir Putin", - he said, adding that, in his opinion, Putin's policy is to "intervene in the situation in Ukraine. "

Ernest said that forecasts of the Russian economy and the ruble exchange rate and capital outflow figures show that sanctions are working against Russia.

Journalists also asked him to comment on the ratings of Putin's Russia, which constitute, in their words, 88 percent.

"I did not see this poll. No matter how skeptical I may be with respect to the poll in the United States, I think that I could well be even more skeptical regarding the surveys, which are conducted in Russian, "- said Ernest.

In early June, the Pentagon chief Ashton Carter also acknowledged that Western sanctions have no effect on Putin's policies. On the reasons why it happens, wrote edition of Newsweek. Politically isolated or not, Russia is still a participant in the global financial system. Targeted sanctions have made rich from the "black list" to transfer their money in offshore accounts, such as Cyprus or the Virgin Islands because they are able to get around the sanctions to preserve their assets and continue to work in international markets. На Русском
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:49 pmAdmin
US warehoused all bound for Europe adopted in Germany. The US authorities have not yet taken a final decision on where it will be stored in Europe American heavy weapons, said the commander of the US Army in Europe, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, reports "TASS" .

"The final decision on the location - for the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. All equipment can be in Germany, so we can use on a rotating basis a brigade of soldiers every year coming from the United States to Europe for two or three months. They could use Grafenvere and warehouses in Mannheim "- quoted by Mr. Hodges.

Pentagon spokesman did not rule out that additional equipment will be later placed in Eastern Europe.

A decision on the deployment of weapons in the US may be announced at the upcoming June 24-25 in Brussels, a meeting of Ministers of Defense of NATO member countries, the general said. На Русском
Verkhovna Rada deputy of the faction "People's Front" Tatiana Chornovil accused of beating two secretaries in the office of the company "Nadra Geocenter", owned by MP BP Alexander Onishchenko. Several media outlets have placed video captured on June 15 on a mobile phone in the office of the regional center in Mironovka Kiev region. MP is trying to take a picture of some of the paper. Two women, judging by their voices, trying to stop her. From the record is not clear on what grounds Chornovil acquainted with the documentation. Women Chornovil argue that it is not allowed to shoot, but do not deny its right to examine the papers. At the end of the video there is something akin to a fight, but to determine who attacked whom and what exactly happened, is not possible. Both sides are mutually accuse each other of assault and battery.

As reported by "RBK-Ukraine" , the staff of "Nadra Geocenter" Eugene and Eugene Izmailov Gerehanova argue that Chornovil attacked them and beat. In turn, MP Anton Gerashchenko on Facebook leads the text of his statement, the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General Avakov Shokina, which states that the attack on Chornovil with causing her bodily harm committed Mironovskiy City Council deputy Gennady Gerehanov. Gerehanov Onishchenko was a trustee on early elections to the parliament in the autumn of 2014. На Русском
According to a resident of Donetsk, a public figure, Boris Kudla, power in Kiev makes such steps that discourage supporters of Ukraine's remaining in the Donbas.

More than half of the inhabitants of Donetsk do not support any "DNI", nor Ukraine, said a resident of Donetsk, a public figure, Boris Kudlay. He said this in a comment edition of "Gordon".

"In Donetsk, about 20-30% - supporters of Ukraine, about 10-15% - very active supporters of Russia who have no common sense, and they do not hear any arguments. The rest - I doubt it. People are starting to say," We do not and for those not for these. We - for the world. "In view of the lack of information, people can make an objective picture, make up your mind, and look bad in the eyes of the neighbors, too, do not want," - said the activist.

According to him, the authorities and the public in Ukraine, spreading the idea of ​​the inferiority of Donbass.

"I have the impression that the Ukrainian government is interested in the conflict developed, and especially doing everything to his supporters left the Donbas, alienate Ukraine. The simplest example - access mode. Open any social network and see that very many so-called "vyshivatnikov" support the idea that the Donbass to wall out there that people do not have such, there are enemies and that they need to fight. I am sure that the authorities and this policy is supported by: the idea is not refuted, and on the contrary, maintained and exaggerated from one edition to another, "- said Kudlay.

According to him, even some representatives of Donbass in parliament have refused to defend the interests of the region.

"I was recently at a" round table ", and I was very surprised there Donetsk deputy Yegor Firsov. He began to indirectly defend the view that the Donbass some not so. But MPs must defend the interests of the region. But for whatever they reason supports the idea that the Donbass some not so, it is necessary to protect or something to do with it. And I think that all people are the same everywhere and all the values ​​are the same - health, family, children. Basic differences no. All the differences flimsy - linguistic, mental, "- said Kudlay.

According to him, there are no significant differences between the residents of Donbass and other regions of Ukraine.

"I think it is necessary to promote the idea that people in different regions of the same and want the same, to communicate more. Many people say:" We - the patriots, and in the Donbass - not patriots. "In my opinion, the true patriots of Ukraine - just because Donbass. Those who are under the influence of negative factors still stand by my opinion and were patriots. To be a patriot somewhere in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv region is very easy, because all around are the same all the support you. And to be under the influence of a patriot negative factors much more difficult, "- said the activist.

He believes that because of such factors as economic blockade, access control and the absence of social payments, many people in the Donbas are in distress.

"We have suppressed a separate area. In the Donets Basin a lot of ordinary, normal people. Many senior citizens that range, there are patriots, there are different people. Of these, not all of last year came out to protest in support of Russia. Many people now say, they say, left then - now they are enemies. The ships were not any yet, so they are not enemies, and expressed their point of view. And the people behind this fence. The economic blockade maintained by the government. Did admission, limited social benefits. Because of three factors - economic blockade, access mode, the lack of social payments - people have no means of livelihood. In fact, people deprived of civil rights, and then pulled under this legislation. We have created the factors that contribute to the physical destruction "of Donetsk." People simply did not release, were herded into a stall and look what happened to them to happen. People suffer and die. We do not know the statistics, but many die. All of this gives me a reason to talk about the genocide, but rather, donbassotside from the Ukrainian authorities ", - said the activist.

In Donetsk, which is under the control of an illegal organization "DNI", the so-called "House of Government" On June 15 it held a spontaneous rally. Most of the participants - residents of Oktyabrsky district, which is adjacent to the airport and is one of the most shelled the city. The protesters blocked the street Artem. Uniform Requirements were not. There were shouts: "Give us a house, we broke the house!", "Get out of everything." На Русском
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that under pressure from the Kremlin, "DNR" and "LC" changed their position and are willing to negotiate on all the Minsk Agreement.

If the Kremlin is not suited to the Minsk Agreement, he never would have put them under the signature. This was stated n a resident of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a press conference after talks with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö.

"We believe these agreements are fair and balanced, and it is possible to influence by one of the parties to the conflict - in the Donetsk and Lugansk unrecognized republic. And you can not fail to notice that their positions much has changed. They are ready and willing to negotiate on all the items of Minsk agreements ", - said Russian President.

Putin stressed that the key element of the agreement is an agreement on a political settlement, including the amendment of the Constitution of Ukraine with the provision of autonomous rights "DNR" and "LC" amnesty "against a number of persons" of the unrecognized republics and the implementation of the law on the special status of Donbass.

Also, according to the Russian president, Ukraine must adopt a law on local self-government and the holding of elections and the lifting of the economic blockade of the territories, "DNR" and "LC".

"I draw your attention that none of these issues is the sole responsibility of the Donbass. It is primarily the competence of the Kiev authorities", - Putin said.

He called on the European Union and the United States have an impact on the Kiev authorities to address all the above issues, which, according to Putin, stated in Minsk Agreement.

"We need to negotiate directly with representatives from these areas and negotiate. No other way" - he concluded.

Riot in Donetsk: the local belong to "DNR"?

At the United Nations we are concerned about the situation in the east of Ukraine, especially in areas "controlled by armed groups." This UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein.

"I am deeply concerned about the serious human rights violations in the east of Ukraine, especially in areas controlled by armed groups. There are continuing reports about the continued flow of weapons and fighters from the Russian Federation, as well as the establishment of parallel structures that do not correspond to the Minsk Agreement, the Constitution of Ukraine international law and exacerbates the current situation "- said the High Commissioner.

Military conflict in Donbass began in April 2014 and is still ongoing. On February 15, according to the Donbass Minsk Agreement by all parties to the conflict , it was announced a truce, but to achieve the full cease-fire failed. In a number of settlements in Donetsk and Lugansk regions fighting continues .

The UN has stated that about five million citizens of Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance. На Русском

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The shock wave was felt even in the city center. Now the plant - fire.

In Donetsk, in the factory of chemical products, an explosion occurred, the website of the separatists.

Information about the victims and details of the incident are specified, said the so-called head of the administration of the Kuibyshev region of Donetsk Ivan Prikhodko.

According to eyewitnesses, the fire started at the factory - on it you can see a cloud of black smoke. Blast Wave residents felt even in the center of Donetsk. На Русском

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VICE News journalist Simon Ostrovsky traveled on digital footsteps from the page VKontakte fought in Ukraine, the Russian soldier Bato Dambaeva. The journalist was photographed in the same places, where it did drilled from Ukrainian to Russian Uglegorsk Buryatia and found that Dambaev, who fought for the "New Russia" is the Russian military under contract (contract until 2016). He met his wife militants and called him to talk about the investigation. In response Dambaev said that his photos are not mistaken and the journalist.

Mother killed in Donbas soldier of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Andreyanova showed documents about his son's death in Ukraine Vice News reporters and refused to remain silent about his death. "We called the son of the officer said," What do you want? I can give you 100 thousand rubles, enough for you to drink to remember. "As if we just do what we drink, and we only need the money" - she said. The death certificate states that Andreianov perform a special task and killed, blown up by a mine, and she issued a certificate for the transportation of the body across the border with the Russian Federation. In an interview with the mother of the deceased he said that if there will be enough people who will raise the issue with the death of the Russians, it will be one of them. "One is that I just do not want to", - summed up she said. На Русском

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Removing the immunity of deputies needed, but together with the adoption of other laws that balance the branches of power in Ukraine. This was during a telethon "Ukraine is above all" to "5th channel", said MP Anton Gerashchenko.

"Removal of immunity is necessary, but only if the adoption of the law on investigative commissions and impeachment. There will be 300 votes in parliament, if not these two laws. The President knows this view. We need a balance of power. Now the President as an official can not dismiss, "- says the MP.

According to him, parliamentary immunity - an old tool that has been adopted to protect the deputies from problems with executive power.

"There are a lot of nuances that are not provided in the Constitution. A parliamentary immunity - not our invention, but European democracies, and it happened 200 years ago. And it was done to protect the deputies of the executive and the monarchy "- said Gerashchenko. На Русском
The World Bank is ready to continue to provide financial support for the reforms in Ukraine. This was discussed during the meeting the Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services Gennady Zubko with World Bank Country Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Qimiao Phanom.

The sides discussed the implementation of ongoing projects "Development of urban infrastructure" (140 mln. Dollars.) "Development of urban infrastructure - 2" (350.0 mln. USD.) To hold the reconstruction of water supply and sanitation, "Improving energy efficiency in the district heating sector Ukraine "(382.0 mln. dollars.).

Gennady Zubko said that one of the key reforms that are being implemented in Ukraine, is the reform of decentralization.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that it is not less important in the current difficult economic conditions for Ukraine is to implement energy efficiency measures and promote people to their conduct.

"Ukraine is interested in close cooperation with the World Bank for the implementation of reforms, which will give the necessary impetus for further development of our country", - he said.

In turn Qimiao Fan noted that Ministry of Regional Development is one of the key ministries, which cooperates and assists the World Bank reforms. According to him, in 2015 the World Bank has planned to allocate 2 billion. Dollars to support development projects in Ukraine. "Obviously, Ukraine needs more support. The World Bank is ready to provide such support ", - assured Qimiao Fan.

Participants of the meeting agreed to develop and approve the agreed work plan a roadmap for the implementation of the ongoing projects of energy efficiency and the development of urban infrastructure.

In addition, the parties agreed on the need to establish an active communication campaign and outreach for the decentralization and energy efficiency measures. На Русском
Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the statement of his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko loan Russian regime of his predecessor Viktor Yanukovych to $ 3 billion that American investment in Ukraine can be considered as a "bribe."
This leader of the aggressor country, said.

Putin said he was "sad to hear such arguments," and the new authorities in Ukraine, "postponing" implementation of the agreement with the EU did the same thing suggested Yanukovych decided to postpone the decision. At the same time, Putin did not say anything, that the delay was caused by the implementation of the actions of Russia, which is not satisfied with Ukraine's European integration.

"It is sad that our colleagues talk about these things in these categories. If someone thinks that it is a bribe for something that President Yanukovych had not signed an agreement with the EU on association, probably, can be considered as bribes all the funds that invested were other creditors and investors for ensuring that the agreement was signed, and there's a lot of money from US foundations "- said the president of the Russian Federation, to annex the Crimea and start a war in the Donbas. На Русском
The head of the Kremlin administration, Sergei Ivanov called the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko "Bolshevik" because of his statement that the loan of 3 billion. USD was a "bribe."

"Of course, now commented President (Vladimir Putin) application Poroshenko of bribery yesterday Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev, Prime Minister) successfully responded, I can add only one thing: Petr Poroshenko, it turns out, with bolshevichok," - he said. На Русском
Ukrainian authorities have tightened rules of crossing and transport of goods across the de facto border between government-controlled and occupied by terrorists of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

This is evidenced by published on the website of the SBU new temporary procedure for monitoring the movement across the line of contact in the Donbas.

The document prohibits transportation through a "border" uncontrolled territories of all types of goods except humanitarian aid - with the exception of rail transport.

It is also prohibited to transport across the line of contact of alcohol and cigarettes, fuel (petrol and gas). Transportation of food and medicine are only possible in the form of humanitarian aid.

The updated rules also prohibit cross the line of contact of public passenger transport, except for the occasional transport of certain organized groups of people (refugees, children for rehabilitation and recreation, etc.) With permission.

Earlier, the leader of the presidential faction BPP Yuriy Lutsenko said the need to lock the final of the occupied territories by the Ukrainian side.

previously it prohibited the movement of freight and passenger transport through the "border" to the occupied areas of the Lugansk region.

In an interview with "Observer" Luhansk Governor Gennady Moskal said, what is needed complete blockade of Donbass. На Русском
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 5:27 pmAdmin
China's banks are willing to invest in infrastructure projects in Ukraine in the framework of the "New Silk Road". This Chinese Ambassador Zhang Siyun said at a meeting with the Minister of Infrastructure Andrey Pivovarsky, the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Ukrainian Minister expressed interest in the implementation of joint infrastructure projects, in particular in the framework of the Chinese initiative "New Silk Road", the essence of which - the creation of a unified system of infrastructure and trade routes in Eurasia, which will unite the eastern and western parts of the continent.

"Zhang Siyun assured that in the" New Silk Road "there is a potential willingness of Chinese banks to invest in infrastructure facilities in Ukraine and suggested to the Ministry to prepare a presentation of investment projects for business representatives of China," - said in a statement.

The sides agreed to continue cooperation, including within the framework of the scheduled July meeting of the intergovernmental commission Ukraine-China.

Zhang Siyun noted positive trends in the work of ministries and increased activity of the Ukrainian side in relations between the PRC. На Русском
US Secretary of State John Kerry called on the Russian leadership not to resort to "double game" in the situation with respect to Ukraine and contribute to the progress in the implementation of the agreements Minsk. He stated this on Tuesday during a live broadcast at a briefing at the State Department, said "Ukrinform" .

"If there is no decrease in hostilities and will not be further progress in the implementation of the (Minsk agreements. - Ed.), Europe and the United States will have a common position to extend the current level of sanctions", - said the secretary of state.

He noted that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has repeatedly assured him that Russia "wants to implement the Minsk Agreement."

"But, obviously, even if we've heard in the past, we also saw the continuation of the activity of the Russian side about the support of the separatists", - he stated the foreign minister of the United States. In this regard, he called such a path "unproductive."

Kerry said that Washington expected to see progress in the working groups, the access of OSCE monitors, as well as the achievement of certain political decisions for the local elections in Donbass.

"Therefore, if these things happen, it will be the way forward if they do not take place, and President Putin will choose for themselves a double play, and will allow the separatists to move forward, it will be a big challenge for us", - summed up Kerry. На Русском
The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has identified and detained a traitor in its ranks, Markiyan Lubkivsky, an adviser to the chairman of the SBU, wrote on his page in Facebook on Tuesday.

"Upon instructions from the enemy, he collected and passed on information about the personal composition of the management, in particular, materials with limited access regarding operational activity, data on personnel, locations and armaments of the Armed Forces and the National Guard of Ukraine........... In Ukrainian
“About 300 airmen deployed on Feb. 13 with the 12 A-10s from the 355th Fighter Wing based out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz. Twelve F-15Cs with the Florida National Guard arrived in Europe a month later.”

By Michael Hoffman for Defense News, June 15, 2015

LE BOURGET, France -- Air Force Secretary Deborah James said the U.S. could deploy a squadron of F-22 Raptor fighter jets to Europe in response to the stepped-up aggression by Russia in the region.

She listed Russia as the biggest threat on my mind when she was asked by a reporter at the Paris Air Show to list the greatest threat faced by the U.S. Air Force.

I would say the biggest threat on my mind is what's happening with Russia and the activities of Russia, and indeed that's a big part of why I'm here in Europe and having those discussions, she said. It's extremely worrisome on what's going on in the Ukraine. We've seen the type of warfare, which someone dubbed it hybrid warfare, which is somewhat new. So I would put that at the top of my list.....................

Read further at link:
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 4:30 pmAdmin
Pavel Kanygin was later expelled to Russia, his colleagues said, after apparently being beaten up.

Novaya Gazeta has been one of the only Russian media sources to investigate Western and Ukrainian accusations that the Kremlin has been both orchestrating and supporting the 14-month uprising in eastern Ukraine.

The paper's editor and several reporters said Kanygin was detained in a rebel-run part of the Ukrainian war zone and taken to a separatist-controlled village on the border with Russia.

"It seems like he was detained by the [rebels'] state security ministry," separatist military commander Eduard Basurin told the media by telephone............
A group of Russian lawyers, human rights defenders and journalists appealed to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation President Putin's decree to classify losses during special operations in peacetime.

"We believe that the president had no right to classify this category of information - it is simply beyond the scope of his powers. The fact that limit access to information without the federal law, but not regulations, and the decree - this is the by-law, "- told Interfax chairman of the Foundation" Freedom of information "lawyer Ivan Pavlov.

Also Pavlov list of applicants still eight people, including Pskov MP Leo Schlossberg, journalists and Timur Olevskii Grigory Pasko. Schlossberg in an interview with the newspaper "Vedomosti" said the presidential decree was signed because of the events in Ukraine: "There can be loss of secret army in peacetime, the public should know what it is paying for the operation of the armed forces because of their finances through taxes, and last year it turned out that the inhabitants of Russian money went directly to the killings. "

By law, the Supreme Court has to register within three days of the application, and after five days - to take a decision on the appointment of the meeting or the order dismissing the case.

Recall, May 28, Putin signed a decree, according to which a state secret now classified information, revealing losses of the Ministry of Defence in peacetime and during special operations. Previously regarded as a state secret information about the loss of personnel only during the hostilities.

The Kremlin has rejected speculation about the relationship of the decree to the conflict in Ukraine. A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov explained that the decree was adopted in connection with the need to improve the law and the requirements of national interests.

But human rights activists believe that the decree was adopted, in particular in connection with the arrest of two citizens of Russia - Alexander Alexandrov Yevgeny Yerofeyev and - in Lugansk region. Detainees are active Russian servicemen. In Russian
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:37 pmAdmin
The leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, co-chairman of the newly established movement "Left Opposition" Natalia Vitrenko believes that now in Ukraine is Russophobian psychosis. She said this in an interview with "Commander in Chief" .

For example, commenting on the very low rating left, Vitrenko declared that she does not trust polls in Ukraine. "Do ask whether people trust Natalia Vitrenko? Yes, my name do not want to call (included in the survey. - Ed.). And in this case, people can decide? ", - She said.

This Vitrenko said that she trusts opinion polls the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. "While this was not a rabid Russophobic psychosis, it was 60% -63% for the integration of Ukraine with Russia and Belarus. Of course, then, under the influence of propaganda percentage decreased, "- she said.

Recall, June 12, five political parties and thirteen non-governmental organizations announced the creation of the movement "Left Opposition". It began headlining Communist Party of Ukraine, led by Petro Symonenko and Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, led by Natalia Vitrenko.

More about this association, see the article "The Commander ' left flank. A marriage of convenience. In Russian

A court in Germany arrested a Ukrainian banker, former deputy chairman of the supervisory board VETEK Boris Tymonkin. This was announced by Director of the Communications Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko.

"Today, a German court decided to arrest predekstraditsionnom", - he said UNIANu .

Shevchenko also said that Tymonkin was arrested in Germany on Sunday, on 14 June.

He added that the Interior Ministry informed the Prosecutor General's Office about this, and now the GPU is preparing a request for extradition and materials Timonkin.

Earlier, lawyer Anatoly Bashlovka said that in Germany detained Tymonkin .

This information was confirmed in the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany.

June 2, 2014 the Interior Ministry announced in tracing Timonkin. He is suspected of committing a crime under Part. 1 tbsp. 255 of the Criminal Code - the creation of a criminal organization for the purpose of committing serious or especially serious crime, as well as management of such an organization or participation in, or participation in the crimes committed by such an organization.

Company VETEK belonging Kurchenko Sergei, was a key shareholder of "Real Bank", "Brokbusinessbank", which is now eliminated. Kurchenko himself is also on the wanted list. In Russian
US First Lady Michelle Obama, arrived with two-day visit to London, during which she will discuss the issues of female education with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Worth noting that the wife of Barack Obama has arrived in the UK in the dress colors of Ukrainian flag in the company of two daughters.

During the visit, Michelle Obama will drink tea with the head of the British Cabinet Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha, the official residence of the Prime Minister at Downing Street.

In addition, she will visit a London school and meet with the younger son of Prince Charles of Wales, Harry, with whom she spent two years in the White House tea party for mothers of soldiers. In Russian
Counterintelligence Security Service of Ukraine carried out a special operation to stop intelligence-subversive activity of Russian special services agent, an employee of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (SVRU) Degtyareva captain, born in 1988, native of Yevpatoria [Crimea] and resident of Kiev, which has access to state secrets. This was announced by head of the SBU Advisor Markiyan Lubkivsky on your page to Facebook.

"On the instructions of the enemy, using the access to information that constitutes a state secret in Ukraine, and having access to office facilities SVRU with August 2014 - by March 2015 he photographed the documents with restricted access, copying information from the computers of employees intelligence branch, handed it to representatives of the Federal Security Service Russia ", - wrote Lubkivsky.

According to the SBU, in the future Degtyareva have been employed in the Russian intelligence agencies, he had to get an early rank and monetary reward. "And this was the main motivation for his treason," - said Lubkivsky.

Degtyarev announced on suspicion of committing a criminal offense under part. 1. Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("treason in the form of espionage") and a preventive measure in the form of detention. In Russian
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:12 pmNelson
Tagliavini on talks in Minsk: there has been progress, no breakthrough (Radio Liberty)
[Nobody expects anything from Minsk. It was a game for Putin.
Putin only likes war, death, dictatorship. And this will not change.
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:53 pmNelson
"LNR" police outfit robbed Lugansk citizen (' 97)
[Police arrived with assault rifles. Took some money. Lugansk, Donetsk - the new wild-west.
Like America 200 years' ago. ]
"DNR" will close this week? (
The militants "DNR" detained journalist of Russian "Novaya Gazeta" (Commander-in-chief)
Prior to this, Kanyginu was charged that he had apparently not worked at Novaya Gazeta, and "one of Ukrainian publications.
The grounds for such accusations "Kanygina have found the business card of Ukrainian journalist surnamed Macuga.

[They're acting just like Putin! ]
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:42 pmNelson
The owners of the petroleum Depot delayed with call firefighters an hour to hide fraud from gasoline-MIA (
[apparently owned by a buddy of Yanukovich, ex-Regions deputy.
I think at least 6 people died in the fire.
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:37 pmNelson
Pro-Europe, pro-Russia camps split vote in Moldova's local elections [in English]
[not quite Ukrainian news, but close by. I was about 3 hours' car drive from the Moldovan border this morning. It borders Vinnitsa oblast, I believe.]
Moldova's pro-European and pro-Russian parties took roughly equal shares of the vote in local elections, results showed on Monday, upsetting forecasts of a big win for the pro-Moscow camp.
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:29 pmNelson
Отставка Наливайченко: из СБУ в президентскую гонку
[I find this difficult to translate - something like...]
The Resignation of Nalivaichenko - the SBU [head] may be given other work
[Somebody I know reckon this guy is a bit dodgy.
The Rada is pushing for his resignation.
Poro has said that if the Rada asks him to go then Poro will appoint him elsewhere.
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:15 pmNelson
U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Urges Boycott on Top Russian Economic Forum [in english]
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:12 pmNelson
Ukraine’s parliament rejects budget resolution for 2016 [also in English]

]I don't often look at the Kyivpost, because they are always kissing Yulia Tymoshenko's butt. Why? I have no idea.
Many people call it the "Yulia Post".
And personally, I hold her responsible for all the deaths now.
She betrayed the Orange Revolution, putting Yanukovich in power.
that aside, this is not a bad article.
Apparently the total budget for Ukraine - proposed is about one-third of that for the city of New York.
And New York does not have a war to fight against Putin.
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:03 pmNelson
Russian state TV reporter fired after criticising Vladimir Putin [in English]
A Russian state television reporter has broken ranks and apologised for taking part in “propaganda madness” after being sacked for criticising Vladimir Putin.
[And even then, he hardly criticised Putin.
Russia is simply a mad country now - worse than nazi Germany.
You won't find this story from Shaun Walker or the Kremlin boys in The Guardian.
As said the miner, on May 1, 2015, into his house rushed armed criminals and threatening to harm the family, forcibly took him to the front line of the so-called militants “DNR”.

Terrorists forced locksmith to repair heavy equipment, including Russian-made tanks T-72, build bunkers and other fortifications.

“According to him, at the locations of armored vehicles in Yasynuvata District of Donetsk region were mostly citizens of Russia, who spoke Russian specific language,” informs Security Service of Ukraine........
on Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:24 amNelson
I've just got back from Vinnitsa, after spending a couple of days there, checking out the climate in Poroshenko's adopted "home town".
I'll post a report later, with photos, as usual.


18: 14
In Minsk began the meeting of the contact group on the Donbass (Perspective)
18: 12
Russia's problems are related to the policy of Putin on Ukraine – Munich Security Conference (UNN)
The General Staff of the Russian Federation has drawn up a plan to occupy left-bank Ukraine up to the eastern banks of the River Dnipro, advisor to the Interior Ministry Anton Herashchenko wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

"In April 2015, the General Staff of the Russian Federation approved another working plan for the occupation of left-bank Ukraine. The meeting on the approval of this plan was held on April 8-9 in St. Petersburg, in the headquarters of the Western Military District," he said.

According to Herashchenko, only 15 days are necessary to occupy the whole left-bank Ukraine in accordance with the plan of the General Staff of the Russian Federation. The main goal is to rapidly gain control over the territories and communications, without the seizure of large cities or regional centers.

"In accordance with the plan, battalion tactical groups of the Russian regular army, united in a group of troops called ‘Sever’ (North) would invade the territory of Ukraine in two stages – first in Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, and then in Poltava, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions," Herashchenko said.

By force of habit, the invasion is planned to be disguised under the attacks of the fighters of the DPR and LPR militant organizations, who have gained strength and want to restore the constitutional order in Ukraine, without the return of Viktor Yanukovych.........................

Read further at link:
The northeastern Ukrainian city of Sumy witnessed an explosion in the local office of the right-wing Svoboda party in the early hours of Tuesday, causing extensive damage but leaving no one injured.
The police have launched an investigation into the incident and are not excluding the possibility that it was a terrorist act, according to the local Web site, Ukraine Today reports.

Ukraine's State Security Service has earlier reported that Russia-trained subversive groups had been involved in a series of recent attacks in Odessa and Kharkiv.

Read further at link: REPORT
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has described the provision of IMF loans to Ukraine as "large-scale theft".

He wrote this on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

"If a $3 billion sovereign loan received by Ukraine from Russia is a bribe according to Poroshenko, then the billions negotiated by Ukrainian leadership with the IMF is the organization of a large-scale theft," Medvedev wrote.

The Russian Prime Minister reacted in such a way in response to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's statement that Russia's loan worth $3 billion was a bribe to ousted former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's regime in exchange for Ukraine's refusal to sign the Association Agreement.

"In my personal opinion, it was a bribe. But I think that Ukraine will demonstrate responsibility in this matter," Poroshenko said, responding to a question of whether Ukraine will return the money to Russia...............

Read further at link:

They just can't stand that the west is defeating what they've been trying to do for years, not only during this current conflict. They wanted Ukraine to bend to their demands, in order to survive, but not matter what they're doing, the west is assisting Ukraine.

Ukraine will not fall, which is what the Kremlin wanted. They're pissed off that it's not working. Medvedev normally doesn't say much, as he's just a puppet. So if he's saying this, they must be highly upset and the level of the assistance is getting.

Don't you love it!!!
The international experts from the Atlantic Council have presented the comprehensive evidence of Russia's war against Ukraine at the European Parliament.
The report "Hiding in plain sight: Putin's war in Ukraine" has been presented along with the report by Boris Nemtsov "Putin. War" at the European Parliament on Tuesday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports from Brussels.
"Evidence of the war, waged by the Kremlin, is comprehensive ... At the same time, the Kremlin persistently denies its military involvement in the east of Ukraine. Just as it had persistently denied its military role in seizure of Crimea until Putin publicly acknowledged the aggression on the peninsula in March 2015," the Atlantic Council experts state, having gathered the evidence of undeclared war of Russia against Ukraine from open sources...................

Read further at link:

DONETSK, Ukraine -- At least 500 people have held a rare antiwar protest in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, Ukraine, calling on separatists to remove rocket launchers from residential neighborhoods where they provoke fire from government troops.

The June 15 rally outside the offices of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) seemed to reflect frustration with the separatist authorities, as well as fear and fatigue over a conflict that has killed thousands of civilians since it erupted in April 2014.

Voicing an array of demands ranging from peace to pension payments, protesters said rocket launchers fired by rebel forces from the city put the lives of its residents at risk of shelling by Ukrainian government forces. Some accused the rebels of using civilians as human shields.

"You are hiding behind our backs," the news agency AFP quoted residents as shouting. Others chanted "Shame!" and "Stop the War!" or criticized the separatist leadership.......................

Read further at link:
Radical Party faction leader Oleh Liashko demands that Prime Minister Yatseniuk immediately sacks Ecology Minister Ihor Shevchenko and Prosecutor General brings criminal charges and takes the Minister to court for corrupted activities.

Liashko voiced his stance at the Parliament on Tuesday, Censor.NET reports.

According to Liashko, Shevchenko traveled to Europe recently by private plane of former Party of Regions member Onyshchenko. "On June 6, 2015, Shevchenko took off from Zhuliany airport [in Kyiv - ed.] to Dresden by a private plane, registered in Turkey, with a diplomatic passport. He returned to Ukraine on June 8 by the same private plane, but this time from Nice, France. The plane ID is PHARO. It is owned by MP Onyshchenko.

"I have a question to my colleague Onyshchenko regarding how come that Ecology Minister Shevchenko took your personal plane from Nice to Kyiv? Who paid for the flight? I demand that Prosecutor General brings criminal charges for corrupted activities conducted by Ecology Minister. For your information, MP Onyshchenko is linked to gas industry, which is within Ecology Ministry responsibility, thus there exists a corrupted connection between Onyshchenko and Shevchenko. So I demand that the Prosecutor General brings criminal charges and immediately arrests Shevchenko," Liashko said.

The deputy also addressed Prime Minister Yatseniuk regarding immediate dismissal of Shevchenko from his minister position. According to Liashko, the man 'who flies to Monacos and Nices' while the country is experiencing an ecologic catastrophe shall not occupy such position. "Out of the chair, rascal!" the deputy said. In Russian

Ukraine's Security Service Head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko arrived to the Main Investigation Administration of the Prosecutor General's Office in Kyiv accompanied by Alfa Special Force operatives for joint operations by SBU and PGO.

Nalyvaichenko told this to reporters, Censor.NET informs citing LIGABusinessInform.
"As we promised, including to our colleagues from the PGO, an Alfa special forces unit is ready to detain any defendant against whom our colleagues from Prosecutor General's Office have enough cause for detention or forced delivery for an interrogation," he said.

Nalyvaichenko stressed that there was no conflict between SBU and General Prosecution. "I need to say in order to dispel doubts that there is no conflict or politics in operations of the Security Service of Ukraine and General Prosecution. We are totally cooperating," Nalyvaichenko said.

According to him, materials on case against Constitutional Court Head Yurii Baulin were sent to PGO within this cooperation. Baulin, according to SBU data, contributed to former president Viktor Yanukovych's seizure of powers.

Read more: Arbuzov and Bohatyriova are tried in absentia, - Prosecutor General

"Now it's time to bring charges and to hear the case within criminal procedure," Nalyvaichenko said.

He also confirmed that SBU called former deputy Prosecutor General Anatolii Danylenko for an interrogation.

Nalyvaichenko confirmed he met with the president and reported to his about SBU operations. "There is no politics here. No time for that. No intrigues," he said.

Answering a question whether he will agree to lead External Intelligence Service, Nalyvaichenko said: "I am out of politics and not interested in positions." In Russian

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