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Putin's behavior becomes more aggressive and provocative - McCain.  The Trump administration has a new plan for dealing with Russia. Congress Republicans postpone bill on Russian sanctions.  President Donald Trump will meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko today at 11:00 . The media knew about the presence of Trump's plan for a special relationship with Russia.  Russia is going to appeal against the ECHR ruling on the law banning gay propaganda.   The Kremlin told what is expected from the meeting Poroshenko and Trump.  In Debaltseve Horlivka arrived and a group of Russian mercenaries.  Russia introduced compulsory registration of foreigners.  

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Russia introduced compulsory registration of foreigners

Russian Federation introduced from 1 June to 12 July interim rule on compulsory registration of foreigners

Reported by the Department of Consular Service of the MFA of Ukraine on Facebook.

"The Russian Federation has introduced a mandatory norm of of registration of foreigners arriving in the city of Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi from 1 June to 12 July 2017 at the time of the (football), Confederations Cup 2017, for one day after their arrival, "- said in a statement.

Diplomats stress that this rule will apply as during the Russian Federation 2018 FIFA World Cup.

"Thus, citizens of Ukraine who are planning a trip to Russia in the period 2017 and from May 25 to July 25, 2018 - in the city of Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara , St. Petersburg, Saransk, Sochi must register within one day of arrival at the place in the respective territorial bodies of the Ministry of internal Affairs "- said the Foreign Ministry., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
In Debaltseve Horlivka arrived and a group of Russian mercenaries

On the territory of Donbass uncontrolled Russian military arrived from Penza region of Russia.

This was during the briefing, spokesman for the Defense Ministry ATO, Colonel Alexander Motuzyanyk.

"According to the GRU, the occupied territories, it is a Debaltseve and Horlivka arrived roiyskyh group of soldiers on cars with numbers that are reserved for the Penza region. There, in particular, deployed two parts - GRAU Training Center (Main missile and artillery control), preparing gunners and 594 Regiment of the Guard "- said in a statement.

As you know, on Monday, June 19, Major General, Deputy Director Alexander Rozmaznin ATO reported that the Ukrainian military on June 18 detained a graduate of the St. Petersburg Medical Academy, which allegedly happened to the Donbas. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The Kremlin told what is expected from the meeting Poroshenko and Trump

Peskov commented on today's meeting and Trump Poroshenko in Washington

The Kremlin hopes that US President Donald Trump speak with the president of Ukraine to Minsk II.

This is Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, RIA "Novosti".

"This is the bilateral US-Ukrainian relations. Naturally, it is the sovereign right of both countries. Of course, we would hope that these contacts at the highest level will be used by our American colleagues to Kyiv to send a strong signal in favor of the need to implement the Minsk agreements, "- said Peskov told reporters.

The White House released a preliminary schedule of President Donald Trump on Tuesday, June 20, from which it follows that the vice president Mike Pence and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko get on to it for a short time.

As they say in terms of what is labeled as "only for planning purposes, not for messages" in the morning, Donald Trump will have a meeting with an advisor to the National Security Herbert Raymond McMaster, which to them "zaskochat» (drop-in) Mike Pence and Poroshenko . This should take place at 11:00 am Washington, DC time (18:00 on Kyiv).

As reported, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko arrived on a working visit to the US.

Poroshenko met with the Ukrainian Diaspora at the Holodomor Memorial in Washington. The meeting had a more informal, although there were present guests and senior clergy.

Recall, June 14, several diplomatic sources confirmed the "Commander" information that Ukraine and the United States agreed to complete negotiations of presidents Donald Trump and Poroshenko in Washington. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Russia is going to appeal against the ECHR ruling on the law banning gay propaganda

The Ministry of Justice within three months will challenge the European Court of Human Rights, which recognized the discriminatory Russian law banning gay propaganda among minors and sentenced in connection with the Russians Nikolai Baev, Alexey Kiselev and Nikolai Alekseev (founder of Project compensation in the amount of € 49.1 thousand.

This was reported in the press service of the Russian Ministry of Justice at the request TASS.

"Within three months of Justice in cooperation with the competent public authorities organize the preparation of the legal position of the Russian Federation to challenge an appropriate resolution to the Grand Chamber of the ECHR", - stressed the ministry.

In the Ministry of Justice explained that disagree with the findings of the ECHR treaty violation.

Recall that the European Court of Human Rights found Russia discriminatory law on gay propaganda. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The media knew about the presence of Trump's plan for a special relationship with Russia

Rex Tillerson US Secretary of State in charge of the administration of US President on dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This writes BuzzFeed .

Framework agreement on cooperation the United States and Russia, which was developed Tyllersonom includes three main points.

"Now the US and Russia relations are in the gutter. We want to make sure that they do not wash down the drain" - said an employee of the State Department.

The first point of the agreement is the Kremlin statement that any US action against it counterproductive for both sides. In particular, I mean Russia supplies arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The second point concerns cooperation with Syria and North Korea, but also includes issues of cybersecurity and kibershpionazhu.

The third point stresses the importance of establishing "strategic stability" with Russia., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
President Donald Trump will meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko today at 11:00 AM (ET)

US President Donald Trump will meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko today at 11:00 local time (18:00 on Kiev).

It is stated in the schedule of US President, published journalistic pool.

It is noted that Trump will meet with his national security adviser Herbert McMaster, which "look" Petro Poroshenko and Vice President Mike Pence. Which issues will be considered at this meeting - not specified.

We only know that the next event at Trump is scheduled for 12:30 local time (19:30 on Kiev).

Also at this time the press service of the White House did not make any statements regarding future meetings with Poroshenko Trump., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin's behavior becomes more aggressive and provocative - McCain

Republican senator from Arizona said that in the short term it bothers North Korea, and in the long term - Russia.
It informs Tsenzor.NET, reported by Voice of America .

"Perhaps in the short term - North Korea because of the progress it has made in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. In the long run - is Russia. Everyone is talking about IDIL. We all know how cruel is the action of this group. We know that militants IDIL, even at this moment, kill people. they are very dangerous and they are going to continue to kill people for a long time, but they do not have nuclear weapons and they do not have the means to deliver them, "- said McCain in a comment edition of The Wall Street Journal.

But worried about McCain and actions of Putin's Russia.

"Behavior Vladimir Putin is becoming increasingly aggressive and provocative, or conventional weapons in its ongoing aggression in Ukraine, Achi in carrying out cyber attacks throughout the region. This man is determined to restore the Russian empire. And this is what he wants to do," - said McCain. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Republicans in the US Congress postponed a vote on the bill on new sanctions against Russia

Democrats fear that the delay in voting for the bill on sanctions could give the administration of US President Donald Trump soften it.

US House of Representatives passed the Senate sent the bill on new economic sanctions against Russia for consideration in the Foreign Affairs Committee therefore postponed voting on them. It is reported by Associated Press , transfers Tsenzor.NET with reference to LigaBusinessInform .

Initiators of decisions made by Republicans, while Democrats such a move caused concern.

In particular, the representative Democrats in the Committee on Foreign Affairs Eliot Engel said that the delay in the vote could give the administration of President Bill Donald Trump soften. Such a move against the background of numerous investigations of intervention in the presidential election in 2016 will cause protest among Democrats and some Republicans.

"The Republican leadership should immediately consider the bill to the House of Representatives voted for him on the table and sent to the president," - said Rep. Any other option will slow down the process and "give the White House a" dilute "this key measure to bring to justice the Kremlin" - said Engel.

Any significant changes in the bill will have to re-negotiate with the Senate, which may also slow adoption of amendments.

Speaker of the House Representative Paul Ryan Ashley Strong said that, according to Ryan, Congress must do more to bring Russia to account. According to her subsequent decision to be adopted after the Committee on Foreign Affairs will complete an assessment of the bill. It did not specify how long it will take and whether the assessment process will make amendments to the bill.

The White House has not yet announced whether Trump will sign the bill or veto add to him.

June 14, 2017 The US Senate voted overwhelmingly - 97 "for" and two "against" - voted to tighten sanctions against the Russian Federation for the occupation of the Crimea, supporting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and hacker attacks on servers Democratic Party before the elections in 2016. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The Association Agreement with the EU will come into force on 1 September 2017, - Poroshenko

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko pending entry into force of the Association Agreement with the EU in its entirety September 1, 2017.

It informs Tsenzor.NET with reference to Interfax-Ukraine , announced this during a conversation with the Ukrainian community in Washington.

"Right from Washington I fly to Brussels to take part in the transmission of ratification, which was signed by His Majesty the King of the Netherlands. This is the last country which completes the ratification process, and Ukraine from September 1 has a high honor that the association agreement will take force, "- he said.

He added that Russia has created great obstacles along the way, to the ratification of this document failed.

"Overcome tremendous resistance that Russia was trying to do to prevent possible ratification of the Association Agreement with the European Union" - said Poroshenko. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The Trump administration has a new plan for dealing with Russia

As the White House fends off accusations of collusion with Russia, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has taken it upon himself to guide the Trump administration's thinking on dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to US-based BuzzFeed.

The former Texas oilman, who worked extensively with Kremlin officials as CEO of Exxon Mobil, has crafted a three-point framework for future US-Russia relations that takes a narrow view of what can be achieved between the former Cold War adversaries, but seeks a constructive working relationship with Putin on a limited set of issues, BuzzFeed wrote. "Right now, US-Russia relations are in the gutter," a senior State Department official familiar with the framework told BuzzFeed News. "We want to make sure it doesn't flush into the sewer."

The framework, a classified document that hasn't previously been revealed, has become the source of anxious speculation by US allies still puzzled about Trump's commitment to deterring Russia and bolstering NATO allies, even after his endorsement of the military alliance's principle of collective defense. The first pillar of the framework, a US official said, is to convey to Moscow that aggressive actions against the United States are a losing proposition that will be counterproductive for both sides. When Russia takes bold actions against American interests, such as sending arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan or harassing US diplomats in Moscow, Washington will push back.

The second pillar is to engage on issues that are of strategic interest to the United States, including the long-running civil war in Syria, North Korea's rapidly developing nuclear weapons program, and cybersecurity and cyberespionage, a US official said. Tillerson wants to reverse Moscow's recent boost in trade with North Korea following some modest success in getting China to ban imports of coal from the rogue nation. He is seeking better coordination with Russia in Syria against ISIS, although it is unclear how that might be achieved. The two Cold War foes also maintain an increasingly sophisticated arsenal of cyberweapons, but lack a mutual understanding of what's fair game and what isn't. The third pillar of Tillerson's framework emphasizes the importance of "strategic stability" with Russia, an ambiguous umbrella term that encompasses a range of long-term mutual geopolitical goals. "It's a mixture of pushing back and also engaging on issues where there might be convergence," said Steven Pifer, a former US ambassador to Ukraine and a scholar at the Brookings Institution, after reviewing a framework summary. Pifer said the framework is similar to a four-point strategy for dealing with Russia that the Obama administration created in 2015, after the Ukraine crisis upended efforts to "reset" relations with the Kremlin. The difficulty, he said, is knowing whether Trump will adhere to it or pursue a more ambitious grand bargain with Russia that shows deference to Moscow's sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. "We're talking about a Tillerson document," he said. "If we've learned anything over the last four months, it's that the president could throw it out at any moment.".................

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