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US Vice President Biden had a phone conversation with Poroshenko. Spoke about the Donbas due to ongoing militants' attacks, including with the banned large-caliber weapons. The U.S. official was also informed about the large-scale military exercises held by Russia along its border with Ukraine. Feds investigate Manafort firm as part of Ukraine probe. Russian proxies attack Ukraine 49 times in past day.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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"And no one else": Putin may win only by the Russian people - Kravchuk

The defeat regime of President Vladimir Putin can only be by Russian people.

This was stated by the first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, reports "Apostrophe" .

"I think the win Putin's regime, the regime forces can only be by Russian people. Nobody else did not win. I do not believe that someone else will change power in Russia, it is simply unrealistic. This is not some small state, where you can make a proxy. So to win power or change it can only be by Russian people ", - said Kravchuk.

According to him, not only Putin, but many people in his entourage interfere with Ukraine to build their own state.

"Putin just adequate. He heads inadequacy - that is a question of his entourage. I am in this case to personalize and talking about power. Because it is an exaggeration when we personalize all bring down Putin. There, and without it are quite serious gentlemen that prevent Ukraine peacefully and normally live and to build their own state, "- said the former president. In Ukrainian/український
Poroshenko dismissed Ukraine's Ambassador to the Czech Republic, adviser to Yanukovych with scandal
President Petro Poroshenko dismissed from the post of Boris Zaichuk Ukraine's Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

A decree №335 / 2016 the President signed on August 19, reports the press service of the state.

"Liberate Zaichuk Boris Alexandrovich from the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenary of Ukraine in the Czech Republic" - the document says.

Note Zaychuk previously worked as head of the Pension Fund of Ukraine. In 2012, then-President Viktor Yanukovych dismissed him from his post and appointed ambassador to the Czech Republic.

Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic Boris Zaychuk who became a member of the scandal with an attempt to help former presidential adviser fugitive Yanukovych resigned in March.

Wrote "Observer", in February 2016, Czech media reported attempts of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Czech Republic free from prison a former adviser to ex-President Viktor Yanukovych Aliho Fayada, who was accused of collaboration with terrorists. Fayada arrested in Prague in April 2014. In Ukrainian/український
In Moscow, the opposition journalist Yulia Latynina poured feces

On journalist "Novaya Gazeta" Yulia Latynina was attacked on Saturday near the edition of "Echo of Moscow"

Journalist doused with feces, according to the radio station .

As described Latynina, the assailants were two. They were well prepared.

"One of them was in motorcycle helmets that could not be recognized. Second was waiting on a motorcycle, "- she said.

Latynina said that predators are stalking her for weeks and knew exactly where she parks the car.

According to her, this is the 14th or 15th attack on her.

The journalist connects it with the materials of "Novaya Gazeta" about the "Kremlin cooks" Eugene Prigogine. In Ukrainian/український
In Minnesota officially announced on August 24 Independence Day of Ukraine

Governor of American Ukrainian thanked for their commitment to democratic ideals

Governor Mark Dayton announced August 24, 2016 officially Independence Day of Ukraine in Minnesota in the US. This is reflected in a special proclamation, reports "Voice of America" ​​.

The document states that "the inventive spirit, rich culture and heritage, dedicated work of Ukrainian-American citizens brought extraordinary benefits of Minnesota and the United States."

"Ukrainian citizens have always maintained a firm commitment to democratic ideals, even in times of hardship, famine, foreign invasion, they continue their efforts to become a respected partner of the Western community of democracies" - the governor of Minnesota in the application-declaration.

Only in Minnesota, the document says about 30 thousand Ukrainian Americans have made extraordinary contributions to the success in educational, scientific and economic fields.

The document was signed on August 8 this year.

Minnesota situated on the border with Canada, its largest cities are Minneapolis, Rochester, St. Paul, Duluth. In Ukrainian/український
24 militants killed, 37 injured in ATO zone, – Motuzianyk

24 militants were killed and 37 more injured in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area on Aug. 18-19.

Presidential Administration spokesman on ATO issues Colonel Oleksandr Motuzianyk announced today at a briefing, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainski Novyny.

"24 militants were killed and 37 more terrorists of six illegal armed units of the 'LPR' and 'DPR' were injured," he said.

According to Motuzianyk, the 331st Guard Airborne Regiment (Kostroma, Russia) suffered significant losses as well as other units of airborne troops of the Armed Forces of Russia.

Battalion task forces of the Russian troops based in Donetsk have also suffered heavy losses.

"The Russian command urgently withdraws its paratroopers in order to prevent desertions and the risk of discovery of their military presence in Ukraine," Motuzianyk added.

Moreover, the presidential administration spokesman said that the bodies of the killed Russian soldiers are no longer delivered to Kalinin hospital morgue in Donetsk, but transferred in refrigerated trucks to Rostov-on-Don city. In Ukrainian/український

Polish friends "Night Wolves" (Pro-Russian Motorcycle gang) went on a raid in Ukraine

Polish motorcyclists are going to visit the grave of Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia

Warsaw (Poland) from Pilsudski Square went 16 International Katyn raid on motorcycles. Its members, who support the Russian biker club "Night Wolves" are planning to visit ancestral graves on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania, Polish Radio reported.

It is noted that the purpose of their trip - to honor the victims of the Katyn crime since 1940.

Participants generally raid will travel about 8,000 kilometers. The whole way they pray, participate in religious services and meetings with the Polish community, who lives on the eastern border of Poland. Participants raid should return to Warsaw September 11.

"From last year environment related to the Katyn raid is divided. This is connected with the fact that the organizers of the raid was supported by members of the pro-Putin nationalist motoklubu "Night Wolves", - the publication.

It is reported that in May 2015 the Russian bikers would move through Poland to take part in the celebrations in Berlin the 70th anniversary of the Second World War. Polish authorities have not allowed the Russians to make a "motor race in Berlin." The situation repeated itself and this year. Organizers Katyn raid, instead, support of the "Night Wolves". In Ukrainian/український
Chairman of the Russian Wrestling Federation beat female athlete for losing at the Olympics

Inna Trazhukova said that Mamiashvili twice hit her in the face

Rossiyanka Inna Trazhukova serving in the category up to 63 kg in freestyle wrestling, said that the head of the Federation of Russia Mikhail wrestling Mamiashvili beat her after losing at the Olympics in the battle for bronze polyachtsi Monica Mihalik.

This athlete told newspaper "Sport-Express".

"I met the president of Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili drunk. He spoke roughly and hit me twice in the face. All this happened in front of witnesses. After arrival in Russia, I plan to write a statement to the prosecutor and report the incident to the Minister of Sports of Russia. I'm not in bondage to fight through the lost behave well with me "- said athlete.
Mamiashvili newspaper also commented on the situation.

"It got everyone on the flag for the country, for the team, the family and the name of fight. I did not see this relationship: Well, I lost, I thought, and then five minutes walk - in social networks kolupayetsya. And I had to do with it? Find soothing words? Whom? Houses had to sit! That all said, Mamiashvili a rigid form communicates. And how should I communicate? Nozzle wipe? "- He said.

Later, in a conversation with "R-Sport" federation chairman was more cautious and simply stated that an athlete held a "hard conversation".

In the incident has responded Russian Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko, who promised to sort out, and the head of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov, who simply said that "leaders should try to control myself." In Ukrainian/український

Don't forget that face Russia. Of Course, he won't be reprimanded, guaranteed.
killed in Donbas Russians secretly transported to Rostov-on-Don

Since early August, the body of Russian military personnel who were killed in the occupied territories of Donbass no longer dumped to the morgue, and covertly transported to Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

This is stated in the notice of the Main Intelligence Defense Ukraine .

Thus, the units and formations of the Russian occupation forces continues the practice of hiding the real causes of death and loss of health personnel.

"Body staffing Russian servicemen who were killed in the occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine ceased to cart morgue Donetsk Regional Hospital for im.Kalinina preliminary postmortem examinations and temporary storage, and loaded into a specially equipped trailers (20 dead bodies) that are hidden export to Rostov-on-Don "- says in the message.

In addition, according to the Defence, the Russian soldiers who were called among volunteers to participate in hostilities in Donbas under special contracts and died, to be hidden cremation mobile crematoria equipped near Donetsk and Luhansk without pathoanatomical examination and registration of death certificates .

"Commander allows it to exclude them from the list of military units as missing or serve as such, are wanted as deserters. Light injuries and injuries of moderate severity, drawn up in hospitals as home" - note in Defence. In Ukrainian/український
Pentagon: the threat of full-scale war with Ukraine exaggerated

The Ministry of Defense believe that Russia is concentrating its troops and weapons on the border with Ukraine only regular annual military exercises.

This was stated by spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Captain Jeff Davis. He added that Washington worried more acute and rhetoric from Moscow and Kyiv, reports Radio Liberty.

"We are concerned that Russia continue to occupy the Crimea, we are concerned about increasing levels of violence in the east of Ukraine, - he said. - But we do not see that "Unicorn", which tracks the many - of the idea that to happen some short-term massive buildup or troop movements. " "I think that the movement that we see associated with future studies, and we do not see such mass buildup on which hinted" - said the spokesman.

He added that the US continues to closely monitor the situation.

As reported on August 18, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the Donbass is the probability of escalation, it is possible also full-scale Russian invasion.

"The likelihood of escalation remains high. A full-scale Russian invasion in all azimuths we absolutely do not exclude. We prepared our armed forces to repel the enemy - and to the east, where the enemy occupying Basin, and along the administrative border with Crimea ", - said Poroshenko.

Also note that for the past day gunmen record number of times recently fired position forces ATU - almost a hundred.

About the possibility of occurrence of militias with the support of the Armed Forces experts say is not the first time, while military officials say that the Armed Forces are ready to fight back and ready for any development of events in the Donbass.

Recall Poroshenko also said that martial law and another wave of mobilization may be declared in the event of a serious escalation in the fighting zone. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:09 amAdmin
Rowing. Ukrainian won another "bronze"

Dmytro Yanchuk and Taras Mishchuk were bronze medals in competitions canoe-twos at 1000m at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

Ukrainians finished with a score of 3: 45.94 sec.

Since the beginning of the race Mishchuk Yanchuk and were among the leaders, but in the end they lost the fight.

At the finish competing with Ukrainian Hungarians, however, but our canoeist managed to avoid them. Gold award won by the Germans here, a silver award in the Brazilians.

XXXI Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Rowing. Men's Canoe Double 1000m


Germany (J. Vendres, S. Brendel) 3: 43.91 with
Brazil (I. Keyrosh, E. Silva) 3: 44.81 with 3.
Ukraine (Dmytro Yanchuk and Taras Mishchuk) 3: 45.94 with

Recall, August 20, Ukrainian Anna Rizatdinova will fight for Olympic gold in Rio 2016 artistic gymnastics program round.

Thus, the training athlete showed the third result:

1. Margarita Mamun (Russia) - 74.383

2. Yana Kudryavtseva (Russia) - 73.998

3. Anna Rizatdinova (Ukraine) - 73.932

Anna Rizatdinova was second in exercises with a hoop, maces and ribbon, and the exercise ball - third. In Ukrainian/український
Russia will buy space project, which involved Ukraine

US authorities may approve the sale of the "Sea Launch» (Sea Launch) Russian investor by the end of this year.

It is reported by the Russian agency Tass quoted a source in the rocket and space industry.

"The approval of the US government transaction for the sale of" Sea Launch "Russian investors may be issued by the favorable situation by the end of the year", - the source said.

According to him, the restoration program starting in the "Sea Launch", suspended in 2014, is expected no earlier than 2018, because Reactivation design and manufacture rocket for launch will take up to two years.

Official confirmation of this information has Tass.

Earlier it was reported that the project investor can become co-owner of S7 Group Vladislav Filov. After that Boeing, for several years sought the return on investment, appealed to the court to seize the property of "Sea Launch". According to some media, the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) "Energy" plans by the end of 2016 due to work and new projects final agreement with the US company on the settlement of the dispute. According to the director of the Russian corporation Vladimir Solntsev, the parties have signed a preliminary agreement on it.

"Sea Launch" - International commercial project development and operation of space-rocket complex sea-based. For its implementation in 1995, the company was created by the same name, whose founder was an American Boeing, Russian RKK "Energy", Norwegian shipbuilding company Kvaerner (now the Aker Solutions), Ukrainian CB "South" and PA "Pivdenmash." In the summer of 2009, the company "Sea Launch" declared bankruptcy after restructuring in 2010 a leading role in the project has received RSC "Energy".
Read more In Ukrainian/український
Firtash not allowed to appeal extradition treaty between Austria and the US

Austria's Constitutional Court refused to consider the requirements of Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash recognize unconstitutional extradition treaty between Austria and the US

The decision was taken on July 2, tells DW .

This means that the appellate court has no more obstacles to the prosecution of the complaint the court of first instance, which Firtash extradition to the United States denied. In consideration of the submission period Firtash in the Constitutional Court the Court of Appeal, in accordance with the procedural rules, had to suspend the proceedings. Read more

In the United States Ukrainian billionaire suspected of corruption. A year ago, the trial court refused to issue Firtash Americans, not excluding the political component of the criminal case against the tycoon. Meanwhile, billionaire delaying the trial in March, he appealed to the Constitutional Court of Austria, seeking to have the unconstitutional extradition treaty between Austria and the USA. In the Superior Land Court of Vienna DW said that consideration of extradition Ukrainian suspended until the Constitutional Court.

Firtash was arrested in Vienna on 12 March 2014 at the request of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, placed in a detention facility and released on bail after a bail in the amount of 125 million euros.

A warrant for his arrest was issued by the US District Court of Illinois in the summer of 2013.

In early April, the US Firtash charged with the transfer of bribes to Indian officials to obtain permits for the mining of titanium in India. April 30 this year, Firtash before the court in Vienna refused voluntary extradition to the United States. In Ukrainian/український
FBI looking for links with corruption Yanukovych in the US

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice are investigating possible ties with American corruption in Ukraine the time of the previous president, Viktor Yanukovych.

Reported television network Radio Liberty, referring to CNN.

As the channel on Friday, citing officials immediately at many US law enforcement agencies, investigation applies in particular to work with clients Ukrainian companies led by American political and lobbyist Paul Manafort and Tony Podesta.

Shyrokosyazhne investigation ascertain whether the companies were from the US and the US financial system used by Yanukovych's party with a corrupt purpose, said the report.

However, according to the channel, Paul Manafort itself - which after the last scandal may receive funds from previous years, the Party of Regions filed on Friday resigned as head of the election campaign of the candidate in the election of US President Donald Trump - are not the subject of this investigation.

According to CNN, in Manafort, who categorically denied receiving funds from the Party of Regions did not comment on these new reports of the investigation. Similarly, the official declined to comment to the FBI.

Among Tony Podesta - whose brother John Podesta heads the campaign second leading presidential candidate Hillary Clinton - said they hired an independent law firm that has investigated whether naduryv Podesta their client, so-called "European center for modern Ukraine" associated with Yanukovych. Previous years, found that the company "Podesta Ґrup" and other lobbying firm with the United States received from the Centre under contracts hundred thousand dollars, while the official budget center was 10 euros per year.

A US Department of Justice at the request of the channel responded only that "given to help people recover stolen funds Ukraine."

In recent days in Ukraine, and the United States from various sources heard new charges on so-called "black cash" Party of Regions Yanukovych era government documents which, as looks shady indicate illegal cash payments of significant amounts. Among the names of those who appointed these amounts were, among others, and the name of Paul Manafort, although there is no evidence that these funds come to him - he denies it. Manafort was long one of the leading advisers and political consultants Yanukovych and the Party of Regions, and now in the US to Friday led campaign Trump. In Ukrainian/український
Elections in the US has not withdrawn the resignation Manafort questions about Trump ties with Putin
In the US, representatives of the campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections of the country continued to criticize the Republican candidate Donald Trump

This writes Radio Liberty .

The fact that he dismissed his campaign manager Paul Manafort, does not eliminate questions about his friendly relations with Russia and its President Vladimir Putin, said Friday the Democratic campaign manager Robby Mook.

According to him, "you can get rid Manafort, and it puts an end to a strange attachment that Trump has to Putin."

Paul Manafort was long one of the leading advisers and spin doctors, Viktor Yanukovych, in particular, contributed to his election as president of Ukraine, and his Party of Regions. In the US Yanukovych and the Party of Regions is seen as pro-Russian.

On Friday, Trump sent Manafort resigned as head of his campaign after new revelations related to the so-called "black fund" Yanukovych's Party of Regions times. It documents how looks shady evidence of illegal payments of significant amounts of cash.

Among the names of those who appointed these amounts were, among others, and the name Manafort, although there is no evidence that these funds come to him - he denies it. In addition, Manafort is not registered properly in its US lobbying state representatives in favor of a foreign state, as required by US law.

During the campaign in the US to know Trump repeatedly gave their sympathy to Putin, the Russian state media also particularly praise the Republican candidate. In Ukrainian/український

New US ambassador to arrive in Ukraine 'next week'

Ukraine is expected to get a new United States Ambassador soon. After three years of service, Geoffrey Pyatt is going to be replaced by Marie L. Yovanovitch, who was nominated for this position in May.

According to the US Embassy in Kyiv, Yovanovitch will arrive in Ukraine's capital next week. The announcement is published on the institution's Twitter page.............
Ukraine draws UN's attention to Putin's illegal Crimea trip

Ukraine has drawn the attention of the United Nations to another visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the occupied Crimean peninsula, Ukraine's UN mission has reported on Twitter.

Volodymyr Yelchenko, Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN, had a meeting on Friday with Jan Eliasson, UN Deputy Secretary-General to discuss Putin's "unlawful presence in Crimea."..............
Clinton camp says Manafort's quit doesn't end Trump's odd bromance with Putin - Business Inside
The Hillary Clinton campaign on Friday brushed off the resignation of a top strategist to Donald Trump, contending that the move would not extinguish the "bromance" the billionaire allegedly has with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

'Paul Manafort's resignation is a clear admission that the disturbing connections between Donald Trump's team and pro-Kremlin elements in Russia and Ukraine are untenable,' Robby Mook, the Democratic presidential nominee's campaign manager, said in a statement, Business Insider reports...................
Feds investigate Manafort firm as part of Ukraine probe

FBI and Justice Department prosecutors are conducting an investigation into possible U.S. ties to alleged corruption of the former pro-Russian president of Ukraine, including the work of Paul Manafort's firm, according to multiple U.S. law enforcement officials, CNN reports.

The investigation is broad and is looking into whether U.S. companies and the financial system were used to aid alleged corruption by the party of former president Viktor Yanukovych, according to CNN.

Manafort, who resigned as chairman of Donald Trump's campaign Friday, has not been the focus of the probe, according to the law enforcement officials. The investigation is ongoing and prosecutors haven't ruled anything out, the officials said.

The probe is also examining the work of other firms linked to the former Ukrainian government, including that of the Podesta Group, the lobbying and public relations company run by Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Read also CNN: Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigns Anti-corruption investigators in Ukraine have alleged Yanukovych and members of his party ran a corrupt regime. He fled to Russia following a public uprising in 2014.

The FBI, Justice Department and Manafort declined to comment. A Washington attorney who represents Manafort and Yanukovych didn't respond to a request for comment.

The Podesta group issued a statement saying it hired lawyers to examine its relationship with a not-for-profit organization linked to the ousted Ukrainian regime.

"The firm has retained Caplin & Drysdale as independent, outside legal counsel to determine if we were misled by the Centre for a Modern Ukraine or any other individuals with regard to the Centre's potential ties to foreign governments or political parties," the statement said.

It continued: "When the Centre became a client, it certified in writing that 'none of the activities of the Centre are directly or indirectly supervised, directed, controlled, financed or subsidized in whole or in part by a government of a foreign country or a foreign political party.' We relied on that certification and advice from counsel in registering and reporting under the Lobbying Disclosure Act rather than the Foreign Agents Registration Act. We will take whatever measures are necessary to address this situation based on Caplin & Drysdale's review, including possible legal action against the Centre."

IMO, it seems CNN is getting on the FoxNews bandwagon and going after anything and anyone they can that has links to the Democratic Party. They've also gotten into nasty rants against certain Democratic politicians. Something I've never seen in their past. Their ratings must be in the dumpster, in order to go this low. Don't create the news, just report it.
Poroshenko, Biden discuss escalation in Crimea and Donbas

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

Censor.NET reports citing the presidential press office.

It is noted that Poroshenko informed Biden on the tense security situation on the administrative border with occupied Crimea and in the Donbas due to ongoing militants' attacks, including with the banned large-caliber weapons. The U.S. official was also informed about the large-scale military exercises held by Russia along its border with Ukraine.

The parties stressed the importance of political and diplomatic efforts aimed at the de-occupation of Crimea. The vice president reiterated the U.S. consistent position regarding non-recognition of Crimea occupation.

Poroshenko and Biden underscored the importance of continuing efforts, including within the Normandy format, focused on the implementation of the Minsk accords by Russia, in particular in the field of security.

The parties also discussed the importance of soonest allocation of the next IMF tranche to Ukraine, as well as the U.S. loan guarantees. In Ukrainian/український

ATO HQ: Russian proxies attack Ukraine 49 times in past day

Combined Russian-separatist forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in eastern Ukraine 49 times in the past 24 hours, according to the press center of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters.

The enemy violated the ceasefire 27 times in the Donetsk sector, having launched eight heavy artillery shells on the villages of Krasniy Pakhar and Zaitseve, the ATO HQ said in an update, as of 06:00 Kyiv time on August 20. Also, Russia's hybrid military force fired mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns on Ukrainian positions in the town of Avdiyivka and the villages of Maiorsk, Zaitseve and Luhanske, as well as 82mm and 120mm mortars on the village of Pisky and at the Butivka coal mine. The militants launched some four dozen 152mm shells and seven dozen 120mm shells on the town of Svitlodarsk. They also fired from infantry fighting vehicles near Luhanske and Zaitseve.

Read also Russian proxies attack Ukraine 73 times in last day In the Mariupol sector, the occupiers violated the ceasefire 17 times. They fired 120mm and 80mm mortars, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns on Ukrainian fortified positions in the town of Maryinka and the villages of Vodiane and Shyrokyne. The armed provocations continued with the use of rocket-propelled grenades and small arms in the villages of Hnutove and Novotroyitske. The enemy fired from infantry fighting vehicles near the villages of Starohnativka and Shyrokyne. About midnight, the occupiers began firing 122mm heavy artillery at Ukrainian fortified positions in the village of Berezove. Additionally, sniper fire was recorded twice in Hnutove.

Read also Ukraine reports 2 KIA, 8 WIA in past 24 hours In Luhansk region, Russian-backed mercenaries fired rocket-propelled grenades on the Ukrainian military in the village of Zhovte and the town of Zolote. They also fired 82mm mortars in the village of Stanytsia Luhanska, as well as small arms in the town of Popasna.
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