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"Let's make peace," - Trump commented on meeting with Klimkin, Lavrov.  Klimkin's visit to Washington: American side clearly sees what Russian aggression means. Russia seeks to frustrate Ukraine’s efforts to integrate into Western institutions, - Director of US National Intelligence. "Dodon is Putin's servant": Moldovans protest against rapprochement with Russia.  The power is weakened, Russia pointed to Putin's big problem. US intelligence called strategic goal of Russia in Ukraine.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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West expects Putin's "suicide": Russia does pay Trump

Russian society that is pumped anti-Western doping, very tired of it

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov after talks with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the American leader Donald Trump said that the meeting between the presidents of Russia and the US take place. Allegedly, it was agreed that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will meet on July 7-8 summit of G-20 in Hamburg. What steps Russia expects the West and why they are equal to suicide chapter of the Kremlin, "apostrophe" said Russian journalist and writer Leonid Radzikhovsky.

Relations between the US and Russia formally exist. No no no declared war, diplomatic relations are not torn. The question is. When Trump chose was much talk of "grand bargain" between Russia and America. How, then, and now it is unclear which agreement in question. After the deal - a commodity-money. Goods that Russia would like to receive from America - a lifting of sanctions, especially financial. Russia also need to put pressure on States stopped in Europe, forcing them to continue their sanctions. In addition, there are the personal sanctions, which are quite painful for many senior Russian officials and businessmen. But that money Russia for this product can pay?

All this euphoria, delight of Trump psychologically were clear, but the Russian elite, no matter how badorylasya, incredibly tired of the confrontation with the West. As included in this confrontation drunk in haze and hops is passed, no prospects here, to break the deadlock there. Elite tired and wanted to lifting sanctions. Hence the euphoria about Trump. But besides drinking champagne and talking about what Trump - good West offer Russia anything.

On the Ukrainian direction no change Russia also can not offer. About Crimea conversation there, no one ever returns. In Donbass Russia has done everything it could: the conflict frozen. Neither of which execution Minsk II language from the start it was, they were full tuftoyu. But it does not suit the West would suit a ceremony and demonstration of retreat. Similarly, when 90 Russian troops were derived from Europe during thunder bands. But this Putin can not go, because it is suicide. It remains the second direction - Syria. In endless conversations that fight together with IDILom together to fight terrorism - nothing real there. All of titanic struggle in Syria for nearly two years has been reduced to what she asserted Board Bashar Assad, but it is no use to anyone either in Europe or in America. With IDILom more or less successfully fighting the Americans. What it is, Russia can help? Well, to be more active Russian planes bomb IDIL but military-technically nothing. A small supplement.

Army in Syria, Putin never send. It is impossible, as that it will give the Crimea. It will be a blast. In Russia, people skazytsya all this be taken as Afghanistan. Possible, of course, would be a psychological trick piarivskyy. It would seem very impressive, as previously Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, so now Putin Trump and any European leader with great fanfare, with arms proclaiming "Hitler coalition" Union signed some agreements on joint struggle against IDIL. Unfortunately, this move is also impossible because Putin did everything to make it demonized in the West no less than Stalin in his time. But Stalin was vital to the West, and Putin does not need them.

Therefore, actual relations between the US and Russia in terms of lifting sanctions, expanding financial contacts, technology, and that is very important for Russia - the removal of tension, confrontation regime change will not. There are many reasons to preserve this state of affairs. Trump always hangs in the balance. Constantly ongoing conversations of suspicious ties with Russia. Any step in the direction of Russia is seen through a magnifying glass and, in trouble, do not bring Trump, and the benefits for him in this single.

Trump - a futile effort by Russian intervention in US elections, returning boomerang. From his election as Russia is not received. It is very suspicious that these contacts and connections. Why was it so fiercely vysolopyvshy tongue shout: Long live Le Pen? It was clear that it fails in the election. Why could adjust themselves to the new president of France? Incredible stupidity. If Russia is waved, the elected president of France Emmanuel macron be treated much more tolerant to it.

But it's not Trump or Le Pen and that Russia still does the West has to offer. Russia needs financial injections West - Russian companies need cheap loans. The Russian elite is keen to have a relationship and ties with the West. Russian society as a whole that is pumped doping anti-western, tired of it all. At least that should be the same sine wave. If this was the rise of drunken courage, it must be the recession. For Putin, if he will be elected in 2018, would certainly show remarkable progress: that we have retained all their gains, vital Crimea, Donbass retained vital, while reconciled with the West. The event was well understood and realized our innocence - historical, psychological, political. A subtext of this means that the event on his knees and belly should prypovzty to. But this will not be the same: the West is not required, but Russia. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
The last statue of Lenin was demolished in Kiev. VIDEO

In Kiev in Goloseyevsky area was demolished last statue of Lenin. It posted the video.

This informs Tsenzor.NET referring to The New York

last Lenin monument in Kiev, found yesterday in Kyiv Goloseyevsky area on the street Cossack. He had dismantled two years ago under the law of discommunization.

"Maybe pedestal saved unremarkable industrial area behind a barrier, perhaps - the lack of any mention of its existence" - told journalists. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Hackers have made large-scale attacks on computers in Europe and Russia

Today, May 12, in different parts of the world hackers brought down hundreds of computers and other technical devices and sent a request for ransom. The biggest cyber attacks struck the institutions in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Russia and possibly Romania.

Thus, throughout the UK kiberatatsi undergone medical facilities, resulting in staff hospitals could gain access to computers and many medical institutions could not accept patients who needed emergency care. It is reported by The Guardian .

For devices that hackers brought down, there were reports of ransom for the restoration work.

In Spain, hackers attacked one of the largest companies telekommunaktsiynyh Telefonica and several other organizations. It is reported by The Local citing the Ministry of Energy.

In the locked computer was reported ransom. Telefonica said that the personal data of customers are not affected as job services and cellular operators.

In the Russian Federation hackers attacked the computer network of the Ministry of Interior and the Investigative Committee of Russia, having access to all classified information agencies. This is reported .

We know that the police protected computers antivirus "Kaspersky". Perhaps the program was powerless before the virus WCry.

"The attacks suffered computers throughout. The virus locks the computer screen and encrypts files on a hard disk" - quoted "Herald" its source in the power structures.

In addition, hackers broke into the network and the Russian company "MegaFon". According to sources, it was the same attack as in hospitals Velikobritaniiyu. Infected computers were locked, they were subject ransom.

In Portugal, the hackers made off servers and devices telecommunications company Portugal Telecom. This company spokesman has said that Portugal Telecom Business services malicious action is not affected, transfers Newsru .

Meanwhile, Romanian Service reported that Bucharest blocking attempt cyber attacks against the Romanian government agency.

In Romania, the claim that "most likely an attempt was made by the organization associated with cyber crime groups APT28 / Fancy Bear".

Thus, according to journalists at the Romanian Foreign Ministry came an email with an attachment containing spyware, which is installed on the recipient PC when opening attachments., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Ukraine Police Scramble To Probe Fresh Claims In Journalist's Car-Bomb Killing

Ukrainian police investigating the car-bomb killing of a Belarus-born journalist are sifting through a new documentary film's claims about the unsolved case, including that a current or former Ukrainian security agent was present when the explosive was planted.

National police chief Serhiy Knyazev convened the Kyiv meeting on May 11, one day after the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and screened their documentary about the July 2016 death of Pavel Sheremet, titled Killing Pavel.

Filmed over the course of nine months, it tries to reconstruct the hours before the bombing through exclusive footage and interviews.

One of the most intriguing assertions is that an agent or former agent of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), identified as Ihor Ustymenko, was at the scene when two unidentified individuals fixed the explosive to the red Subaru the night before the blast killed the 44-year-old reporter with news website Ukrayinska Pravda in downtown Kyiv early on July 20.

The filmmakers found Ustymenko with the help of a researcher from the open-source investigative group Bellingcat who managed to identify the license plate of the gray Skoda car he was driving that night. In a bizarre interview, Ustymenko admitted being at the scene but denied knowing anything about the murder or seeing the bombers walk right past him. He claimed he had been hired as private security to protect someone's children who were in the area.

Ukraine Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on May 11 that authorities would interview OCCRP journalists and Ustymenko in light of the new information.

Sheremet's killing was the highest-profile slaying of a journalist since that of Ukrayinska Pravda's Heorhiy Gongadze in 2000.

'Matter Of Honor'

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called Sheremet's killing "a matter of honor to take all measures to solve this crime as soon as possible." He said Ukraine would spare no resource and called for a transparent investigation by police and the security services. Experts from the FBI were even brought in to examine the remnants of the explosive device, which investigators believe had been packed with 400 to 600 grams of TNT and remotely detonated.

But 10 months on, the investigation has stalled. There has not been a single arrest, nor have any suspects been named. However, investigators believe Sheremet was murdered because of his professional activities.

The most significant evidence presented by Ukrainian investigators was security-camera footage released during a February 8 press conference. It appears to show a man and woman approaching the victim's Subaru on the street the night before the blast. The woman can be seen kneeling beside the parked car on the driver's side for around 30 seconds....................

Access complete text of the editorial:
Russia has recognized: the creation of a search engine "Sputnik" was a failure

The idea of ​​a national search engine in Russia dates back to 2008, after the war in Georgia

The company "Rostelecom" declared unsuccessful attempt to create a custom search engine Russian "Sputnik", which from the beginning of 2014 never became popular.

This is reported by "Vedomosti ", citing people close to the company and "Rostelecom".

"Sputnik" functioned well technically, but never became popular search engine - it is not even 1% of the search market runet. In April conversions of "Satellite" to other sites Runet was 100 823, while "Yandex" and Google have billions transitions. The share of "Yandex" in April was 54%, Google ─ 40,8%.

Ultimate understanding of the future "Sputnik" now there, the company will decide by June 1. Perhaps the search engine refocus on tasks related to the calculation of large data, but completely cover the service operator is not planned. The fate of "Sputnik" will solve the new president "Rostelecom" Michael Osyeyevskiy.

The representative of "Rostelecom" Andrey Polyakov confirmed that the development plans "Satellite" are under review.

"We need to make adjustments to reality. The company wants to increase efficiency and reduce costs. To this end, the search for new economic models and market "- said Polyakov.

Major search engines earn by selling advertising in search results, and "Sputnik" such advertising does not sell. However, "Satellite" are contracts related to public services and calculation of large data. According to "SPARK-Interfax" revenue "Sputnik" in 2015 amounted to 136.6 million rubles., Damage ─ 150,5 million rubles.

The idea of ​​a national search engine in Russia dates back to 2008, after the war in Georgia. Then it became clear that the search engine can serve as a powerful media resources and used as a desired state news aggregator. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Fri May 12, 2017 1:34 pmAdmin
Lithuania will cease passenger rail to Moscow

On Monday (May 15 - Ed.) Wagons "Lithuanian Railways" stop prychiplyuvaty the Russian train that plies the route Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Moscow

Public company "Lithuanian Railways" refused to transport passengers to Moscow, reports Delfi.

"For reasons of cost savings the public company" Lithuanian Railways "refused to transport passengers to Moscow. The company claims that because of this it can save 2 million annually, and passengers will continue to be able to travel to Russia Russian train "- said in a statement.

On Monday (May 15 - Ed.) Wagons "Lithuanian Railways" stop prychiplyuvaty the Russian train that plies the route Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Moscow.

"In three additional cars traveled an average of about 20 passengers. The route will continue in the future, but we stop in Vilnius prychiplyuvaty their cars. This will reduce our costs, "- said the deputy director of the company Linas Bauzhis.

It is reported that in 2016 "Lithuanian Railways" transported to Moscow and back by almost 27% less passengers than in 2015.

Recall from October 25, 2015 Ukraine suspended air links with Russia. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Klimkin denied the charges paid for a meeting with Trump

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said he had not used the services of lobbying companies to organize a meeting with US President Donald Trump .

"I have a principle: do not use any paid lobbyists or something similar for meetings," - he said, adding that "at this level using lobbyists does not make sense."

The Minister noted that negotiations with Trump began with the topic of aggression. He added that the administration of US President is to understand what is happening in the Donbas.

Recall the recent Ukrainian MP Andrey Artemenko said that the Ukrainian side paid "well-known American lobbying firm" 400 thousand dollars for organizing meetings Pavlo Klimkin and the US ambassador Ukraine Valeriy Chaly with Donald Trump and US Vice President Michael pensions.

According Artemenko, under US law, information about lobbying activities of that company should be published within 6 months of the official US Justice Department resources., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Trump's tax returns for the past 10 years shows he received money from Russia twice — for the Miss Universe pageant and for a property sold to a Russian billionaire

President Donald Trump’s lawyers say a review of his last 10 years of tax returns do not reflect “any income of any type from Russian sources,” with some exceptions.

The lawyers did not release copies of Trump’s tax returns so The Associated Press cannot independently verify their conclusions.

The letter says there is no equity investment by Russians in entities controlled by Trump or debt owed by Trump to Russian lenders. It does reflect income from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant held in Moscow and a property sold to a Russian billionaire in 2008 for $95 million.

The White House says Trump asked his lawyers for a letter following a request from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who heads one of the congressional committees investigating Russia’s interference in last year’s election..............................

Access complete text of the editorial:
US ready to help make Russia fulfill Minsk agreements

United States ready to contribute in order to force Russia to fulfill Minsk agreements.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, reports public.

He said that Washington was "political signal that the United States is our friend and partner, and that Russia is responsible for war against Ukraine."

"US is ready to continue to be involved in order to make Russia fulfill Minsk. This may be the format to attract US individual questions Normandy format, and may run in parallel, "- said Klimkin.

The Foreign Minister added that consultations with the United States continues.

"We are working meeting of the presidents of the US and Ukraine. I think it will happen soon ", - he said., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Klimkin's visit to Washington: American side clearly sees what Russian aggression means

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, during his visit to Washington and meetings with U.S. President Donald Trump and Vice President Michael Pence, has talked the possibility of involving the U.S. in settling the situation in the Donbas, including in the Normandy format.

Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine quoting Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mariana Betsa.

"The situation in the Donbas and the implementation of the Minsk agreements were discussed. The American side has a clear understanding of what Russia's aggression means and what jeopardy it poses ... The issue of involving the U.S. in settling the situation [in the Donbas], including in the Normandy format, was also raised, Betsa said.

She added the United States had once again clearly confirmed its unwavering support of Ukraine in countering Russian aggression as well as Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders.

"This is a very important visit that took place at such a high level," Betsa said.

Earlier, Trump and Klimkin met in the White House to discuss the situation in the Donbas and further U.S. efforts to support Kyiv. The meeting was preceded by talks between Klimkin and U.S. Vice President Michael Pence. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
"Dodon is Putin's servant": Moldovans protest against rapprochement with Russia

Members of the Liberal Party youth movement held a rally at the Chisinau International Airport upon arrival of Moldovan President Igor Dodon.

This was said by Head of Moldovan liberals Mihai Ghimpu, Censor.NET reports citing NewsMaker.

The rally participants were outraged by the president's trip to Moscow to attend VDay parade. The left-wingers started their protest at the airport late on May 10. They brought posters reading:"Dodon is Putin's servant", "Dodon, your home is Moscow", "Dodon is a traitor." The protesters also brought the luggage symbolizing Dodon's emigration to Moscow.

Read more: Moldova's Dodon asks Putin to allow dual citizenship for Moldovans permanently residing in Russia
The Liberal Party also yesterday condemned participation of Russian troops in the Victory Parade in Tiraspol on May 9. The political force noted that the authorities of the breakaway republic ignored protest of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration against the participation of the Russian task force in the Victory Day celebrations in Transnistria.

"The Russian troops marched along the streets of Tiraspol while Igor Dodon was having fun at a military parade in Moscow and drinking champagne with Vladimir Putin," the statement reads.

According to the liberals, such actions are contrary to the international obligations undertaken by Russia. "We appeal to the relevant Moldovan agencies to initiate a criminal investigation and bring to justice those responsible for violating the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova, including Igor Dodon - for high treason," the left-wingers said. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
The power is weakened, Russia pointed to Putin's big problem

Today 's main problem is its terrible image that is created mostly not the US or the EU, and by the Kremlin.

This writes the leader of the Russian opposition political parties' Choice West "Konstantin Borovoy in his column on the" apostrophe ".

He noted that Russia is in full political and economic blockade, which has a negative impact on internal and domestic economic situation, resulting in diminished power and start protests in the region.

Borovoy says that now collapsing core policy chief Vladimir Putin, as a result of falling oil prices stopped working system of allocating resources from the center to the regions.

In addition, the opposition stressed the lack of business and large-scale corruption kill all economic activity in Russia., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
"Let's make peace," - Trump commented on meeting with Klimkin, Lavrov

Trump has urged Ukraine and Russia to reconcile.
President of the United States Donald Trump has called on Russia and Ukraine to make peace, Censor.NET reports referring to Trump's Twitter.

"Yesterday, on the same day - I had meetings with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the FM of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin. Let's make peace," Trump wrote.

He also published photos from both meetings. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russia seeks to frustrate Ukraine’s efforts to integrate into Western institutions, - Director of US National Intelligence

Moscow sees hampering Ukraine's attempts to become part of the European community as one of its strategic goals for 2017.

Censor.NET reports referring to the Worldwide Threat Assessment presented by Director of the U.S. National Intelligence Daniel R. Coats.

"We assess that Moscow's strategic objectives in Ukraine - maintaining long-term influence over Kyiv and frustrating Ukraine's attempts to integrate into Western institutions - will remain unchanged in 2017. Putin is likely to maintain pressure on Kyiv through multiple channels, including through Russia's actions in eastern Ukraine, where Russia arms so-called separatists. Moscow also seeks to undermine Ukraine's fragile economic system and divided political situation to create opportunities to rebuild and consolidate Russian influence in Ukrainian decisionmaking," the document says.

As noted, domestic Ukrainian opposition to making political concessions to Russia will limit Kyiv's willingness and ability to compromise, complicating prospects for implementing the Minsk agreement.

"Russia largely controls the level of violence, which it uses to exert pressure on Kyiv and the negotiating process," Coats concludes., Original in Russian / На русском
US intelligence called strategic goal of Russia in Ukraine

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates at a meeting of the Senate Committee on Intelligence said that Russia is trying its actions on Ukraine to prevent its integration into Western structures.

Informs "Interfax-Ukraine".

"We estimate that the strategic goal of Moscow in Ukraine - to support the long-term impact on Kyiv and resist attempts to integrate Ukraine into Western institutions," - says Coates.

He added that "the Russian military intervention in eastern Ukraine lasts two years."

Coates also said that Russia has "military and diplomatic" pressure on Ukraine to force Kyiv to implement the Minsk agreement "in the Russian interpretation." , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
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