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US Congress will not support cutting aid to Ukraine. Russia is not among the three biggest enemies of the US.  The White House's position Trump sanctions against Russia: "The president sees this now we do not have a position.". Tusk expects the G7 countries for the unity of the conflict in Ukraine: Politics sanctions against Russia should be continued. Germany refused to extradite to Ukraine ex- "banker Kurchenko". Spain refused to extradite ex-Finance Minister Kolobov in Ukraine on the basis of a false letter to Deputy Prosecutor General.  United Kingdom has decided to support our petition to extradite the former head of "Ukrspetsexport" Bondarchuk.  Air Force Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2017 will receive about 60 modernized aircraft.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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US and Europe are advised not to declare martial law across Crimea

Americans and Europeans in 2014. Ukraine is not recommended to go to the armed conflict with Russia

Representatives of the US and Europe during the capture of the Crimea by Russia in 2014. Ukraine is not recommended to go to the armed conflict with Russia and not to declare martial law.

This was announced by the then Acting Presidential Administration Sergey Pashinsky, when asked whether they are advised not to defend the Crimea.

"The Americans and Europeans have recommended our country do not go to an armed conflict with Russia and not to declare martial law " - he said.

Pashinsky also commented on the words of former interior minister and former head of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Anatoly Mogilev that the National Security Council in 2014 refused any action on the contents of the Crimea.

"Somewhere among the 25 Mogilev I called and said:" I inform you that I already sitting in the waiting FSB officers " . I say: "You're not the first Cabinet manages Crimea. So let the team and agent sideways MVSnykam arrest them and bring them to me " . He says, "You that laugh? " . And now he tells that it was necessary to give the command. So forbid, you were subordinate to all these people " , - said the former head of the AP.

He also said the secret documents of the SBU building outdoors Vladimir in Kiev on Maidan moved to the Crimea.

"There is absolutely official data, which lists all the agents of the secret criminal cases SBU Vladimir moved not in Donetsk and Crimea. Crimea for them back then was a springboard " , - said Pashinsky.

In addition, he said that the former president Viktor Yanukovych led the SBU in 2012, giving these powers to the Russians.

"Yanukovych somewhere in 2012 has not led SBU, it led curators Russians " - said Pashinsky., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Dog saved two Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas shelling by covering them with his body. PHOTOS

A dog in the anti-terrorist operation area (ATO) covered two Ukrainian fighters with his body during the attack. He took the impact upon himself and was wounded. Military doctors attempted saving the dog's life.

Censor.NET reports citing ASAP EMS Khottabych charity foundation on Facebook.

"In the morning, rescuers of ASAP RESCUE brought two wounded soldiers in the morning. As they returned to the position, a gravely wounded dog was brought in. The pet covered two more fighters with his body and took the impact upon himself.

"Despite not being able to protect his master from wounds, the dog rushed to save others.

"He was wounded in his neck, breast, and a paw," the message reads.

The dog was offered first aid on spot and taken to Toretsk hospital. A military anesthetist and two surgeons were fighting for his life over two hours. The dog survived, the foundation reported. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and France Le Drian discussed Russian aggression in Ukraine

As the Tsenzor.NET, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian discussed the ways of settlement of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

This is stated in the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the results of a telephone conversation Lavrov and Le Driana, reports Tsenzor.NET.

"During the meeting the ministers in preparation for the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to France discussed a range of bilateral issues and exchanged views on the most pressing problems of the international agenda, including the task of crisis management in Libya, Iraq and Ukraine", - said in it.

The parties also agreed to cooperate in the Security Council of the United Nations (UN). , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
"Ukraine is in a state of war with Russia Putin should be stopped." - US Congressman Michael McCaul after a trip to the Donbas

Chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security Michael McCaul own eyes saw that in the Donbas is a war with Russia and calls for increased pressure on the Kremlin and assistance to Ukraine.

As the Tsenzor.NET , reported by the "Voice of America" .

"This country is now at war with Russia, with Putin. At the time, as I say these words, four million people are under occupation in the east of Ukraine and the Crimea Russia caught ... Here is the epicenter of the war against Putin's naked aggression, Russian aggression deployed not only against Ukraine, but also against the whole world ... We can learn a lot from Ukraine and have already learned a lot during this trip, but one thing is clear - Mr Putin should be stopped ", - said McCall, talking about vpecha leniyah from the visit to Ukraine.

He also noted that Ukraine's experience will help to strengthen cybersecurity and US national security.

"This trip has been chosen is absolutely true, as Russia continues to resort to cyber war and wage war against our allies. We must continue to work and support the European countries in the fight against all and every Russian actions of destabilization and interference in them. After a stay at the forefront of Russian aggression and, after negotiations with the leaders of other countries, I realized that we need to do in order to support them, and also learned about what can we learn from their experiences to enhance our ki erbezopasnosti and national security ", - said McCall.

, Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
Ukraine has successfully passed the new high-precision missile launches

One of polygons Odesa region held test precision guided missile Ukrainian production.

This was reported in the press service of the President of Ukraine.

In the present trials Poroshenko and NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov and Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak.

It is noted that the missile is designed to destroy targets of different classes. Warhead, the engine management system and missiles manufactured in Ukraine: in its creation involved more than ten enterprises of the defense industry. It is emphasized that the test showed high accuracy and reliability of the control system of the rocket. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
on Fri May 26, 2017 1:15 pmAdmin
Two Russian diplomats expelled from Estonia

Estonia expelled from its territory of two Russian diplomats - Consul General of Russia in Narva Dmitri Kazennova and Consul Andrew Surhayeva.

It is reported portal Delfi .

After Kazennovu Surhayevu and handed a note, they must leave the country.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Sandra Kamilova confirmed information about the expulsion of diplomats of the Russian Federation, but stated that the Foreign Ministry did not comment on the incident.

In the Foreign Ministry said that the expulsion of Russian diplomats will not remain unanswered.

"This is yet another unfriendly and unfounded act that will remain unanswered" - quoted by TASS statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Recall, May 8 Estonian sentenced to five years in prison citizen of Artem Zinchenko for cooperation with the Russian military intelligence. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin responded on his upcoming meeting with Trump

US President Donald Trump during his visit to European countries will meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in comments to Russian media.

Peskov said that both presidents will soon be located in Europe, but they do not meet. According to the press secretary of the Kremlin, the leaders of Russia and the US in various countries.

It is worth noting that Putin declared readiness to meet with Trump even before his inauguration. This topic is actively promoting Russian experts and the media are talking about the probability of some "big deal" between Moscow and Washington. It was a question of military conflicts in Syria and the Donbas.

However, despite the raising of the subject is active in, Trump meet with Putin in a hurry. Instead he sent to negotiate the head of the State Department Rex Tillerson. Last, after meeting with Putin and Lavrov said that the parties are unable to reach a compromise soon on a number of issues. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Russia is not among the three biggest enemies of the US - Fox News poll

The biggest negative of US citizens feel toward North Korea (93%), Iran (80%) and Syria (76%).

This is according to a poll conducted by the American TV channel Fox | News , informs Tsenzor.NET .

According to the study, the three major US enemies entered the DPRK (according to 93% of respondents), Iran (80%) and Syria (76%).

Russia in this ranking is the fourth position: the hostile state it was named 64% of respondents. In March 2013, the figure was only 40%, while 47% of Americans believed the Russian friend.

In addition, according to the survey, 73% of respondents believe that the US president Donald Trump sees an ally in Russia, and only 20% - the enemy.

Among Americans who supported Trump's presidential election, called RF another 39% of respondents in the friendly attitude of the current occupant of the White House to the aggressor country believe 59%. At the same time only 17% of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is considered an ally of Russia, 84% believe that those it sees Trump.

The top four US-friendly countries, including Canada, Americans (96%), the UK (95%), France (92%) and Germany (87%). Also, 83% of respondents said an ally of Israel, 58% - Saudi Arabia.

The survey was conducted by telephone among 1,011 US citizens 21-23 May 2017. The sampling error is 3%.] , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
The White House's position Trump sanctions against Russia: "The president sees this now we do not have a position."

The White House is reviewing a series of sanctions against Russia Baraka Obamy team, but in the current administration of Donald Trump while there is no position on this issue
This was said on May 25 the head of Geri Kon of the White House Economic Council, reports Tsenzor.NET citing Radio Liberty .

Advisor Trump for Economic Affairs said that when European leaders at the NATO summit in Brussels, asked the US president, whether he plans to extend sanctions from 2014, introduced due to the illegal annexation of the Russian Crimea, his response was that he has not decided yet what to do.

"I think that the president sees it now have no position.", - said Cohn reporters at the presidential plane on the way to Sicily, where he will "Group of seven" summit. At the same time economic advisor to Trump said that the US president has "many options," which he considers sanctions in the context of the topic.

During the campaign, Donald Trump did not rule out lifting sanctions against Russia, while the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Heyli said that the new administration will not cancel them as long as Moscow does not return Ukraine Crimea. The sanctions were imposed separately by the United States and the European Union in 2014 and has since been repeatedly extended and expanded., Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
Tusk expects the G7 countries for the unity of the conflict in Ukraine: Politics sanctions against Russia should be continued

European Council President Donald Tusk said that the reason to change the policy of sanctions against Russia from the Group of Seven countries do not.

As reported Tsenzor.NET with reference to the League, he said this at a briefing in Taormina, Italy.

"Since the last summit in Japan, we have seen nothing that would justify a change of our policy of sanctions against Russia", - the president of the European Council said.

Tusk will appeal to the leaders of G7 with a request to confirm the effect of sanctions policy, noting that he expects the G7 countries Unit
, President of the European Council has once again stressed that the EU fully supports the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

Recall, May 24, 2017 it was reported that during a telephone conversation, President Petro Poroshenko and Tusk agreed that the EU-Ukraine summit held in Kiev on July 13th. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Spain refused to extradite ex-Finance Minister Kolobov in Ukraine on the basis of a false letter to Deputy Prosecutor General, - Enin

Spain refused to extradite to Ukraine's former finance minister Yuri Kolobov on the basis of a false letter to the Deputy Attorney General.

This in an interview to Ukrainian News Deputy Attorney General Evgeniy Enin, transfers Tsenzor.NET .

"As far as I know, to the competent authorities of Spain sent a letter allegedly signed by Deputy Prosecutor General, which became the basis for the denial of extradition on the part of Spain Kolobov," - he said.

, however, he said, the Prosecutor General's Office checks the signature specified in the framework of criminal proceedings.

Earlier, the Court of Appeal allowed the Attorney General's Office in Kiev to start special (part-time) investigation against Kolobov. At the beginning of 2016 a court in Spain refused to extradite to Ukraine Kolobov. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
United Kingdom has decided to support our petition to extradite the former head of "Ukrspetsexport" Bondarchuk

Deputy Attorney General Evgeniy Enin said that Britain supported the request for the extradition of the former director general of state company for export and import of military and special purpose "Ukrspetsexport" Sergei Bondarchuk.

He said this in an interview to Ukrainian News , reports Tsenzor.NET .

"For us it is obvious that the arguments in favor of extradition are so weighty that the United Kingdom has decided to support our petition," - he said.

According to him, during his recent visit to the UK, he was assured that the royal service of the prosecutor's office will continue to support Ukraine's extradition request.

Enin reminded that Bondarchuk charged with embezzlement of large sums of money. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Germany refused to extradite to Ukraine ex- "banker Kurchenko" Timonkin - Enin

Germany refused to extradite to Ukraine the former chairman of the board of Ukrsotsbank Boris Tymonkin.

This in an interview to Ukrainian News reported Deputy Attorney General Evgeniy Enin, transfers Tsenzor.NET .

"On extradition, we were refused. And Germany drew attention to a few aspects of the failure. In particular, the alleged pressure from the representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office, who visited Germany for questioning Timonkin, and his lawyers referred to the pressure. At the moment, we check this information . was also emphasized to the alleged lack of conditions in places of deprivation of freedom or unfreedom place wherever Tymonkin was to court third aspect -. Timonkin threat to health due to illness "- ck AZAL it.

According to him, despite the negative decision of the Prosecutor General of Germany in the investigation, questions remain to Tymonkin.

Deputy Prosecutor General also said that the practice of re-treatment with the request for extradition within the framework of criminal proceedings does not exist.

However, in the autumn of 2016 the Prosecutor General has provided additional guarantees for the German extradition to Ukraine ex-banker Tymonkin.

Prosecutor General's Office announced internationally wanted member of the Supervisory Board "Brokbiznesbank" B.Timonkina May 16, 2014, he is suspected of committing a criminal offense under Part 1 st.255, - participation in a criminal organization under the leadership of founder Sergey VETEK Kurchenko., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Air Force Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2017 will receive about 60 modernized aircraft

This year, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will get 60 refurbished and modernized MiG-29, Su-27, Su-25, Su-24 bombers, as well as L-39 combat training aircraft.

As the Tsenzor.NET with reference to UNIAN , reported by the head of the communications department and the press the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oksana Gavrilyuk at a briefing in Kiev.

"The Air Force APU continues to strengthen its fighting ability So, this year among the priorities of the Command of the Air Force -. Rebuilding infrastructure, reviewing locations of military units taking into account the current security environment, the implementation of the gradual transition of the Air Force controls on the J-structure, which is adopted in the countries - members of NATO, as well as the intensification of combat training of the Air force, the purchase, restoration and modernization of armament and military equipment, "- said Gavrilyuk.

During this time, total flight Aviation Air Force MAT is over 6.6 thousand hours, the army." aviation Ground troops - about 4 thousand hours. "- said Gavrilyuk.

also, according to her, in the air Force increased the number of combat aircraft firing on the military range, the preparation of instructional staff training centers, foreign experts are involved.

" NATIONAL dEFENSE predpr yatiya can upgrade almost the entire range of aviation equipment, located on the APU armed. Thanks to the modernization of the combat capabilities of aircraft increased by an average of 50%. In particular, it increases the range of detection of air and ground targets, and provides a high probability of injury, increases safety, reliability, survivability, and other characteristics of combat vehicles, "- said Gavrilyuk. , Original in Russian / На русском
US Congress will not support cutting aid to Ukraine, - Senator Shaheen

U.S. Senator from New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen says the U.S. Congress will not support cutting financial aid to Ukraine in 2018.

Censor.NET reports citing Voice of America.

"Ukraine has a bipartisan support in Congress and a very strong support in the Senate, and I think there will no be support in Congress to do what the Trump administration would like to do in respect of cutting their budget," Shaheen said.

Earlier, the U.S. Department of State proposed a budget draft bill for 2018 that stipulated for cutting financial aid for Ukraine. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському

New evidence in Gongadze case will rub some people the wrong way, - Prosecutor General Lutsenko

Ukraine's Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko says new important evidence has been found in the case of murdered journalist Heorhii Gongadze.

He said on air of 1+1 TV channel, Censor.NET reports.

"is this case finished? No. We have important evidence that will rub some people the wrong way," Lutsenko said.

He specified the case is controlled by him personally. The prosecutor general plans to finish it before leaving his post, which is about six months. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
IMF mission in Ukraine over, pension and land reforms expected

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission, led by Ron van Rooden, visited Kyiv during May 16-26, to initiate discussions on the fourth review of the authorities' economic reform program supported under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) arrangement (see Press Release No. 15/107 ). At the conclusion of the visit, Mr. van Rooden made the following statement:

"The Ukrainian economy continues to recover, with growth expected to exceed 2 percent in 2017. Fiscal and monetary policies remain on track to meet the 2017 targets. Gross international reserves have increased further to US$17.6 billion, and inflation is projected to fall below 10 percent by the end of the year. While the near-term outlook is positive, decisive implementation of structural reforms remains critical to achieve stronger and sustainable growth that Ukraine needs over the medium-term.

"In this regard, the mission held constructive discussions with the authorities on reforms needed to improve productivity, attract investment, and continue to strengthen public finances. As envisaged under the program, discussions focused on the pending pension and land reform and on measures to speed up the privatization process and ensure concrete results in anticorruption efforts.

"While good progress has been made in building understandings on the key elements of these measures, further technical work is needed in some areas to transform these into draft laws that meet the reform objectives. Securing parliamentary approval of these draft laws will be needed to pave the way for the completion of the fourth review. IMF staff, in cooperation with other international partners, will remain closely engaged with the authorities in the coming weeks to advance the reform agenda," the report reads. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
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